He said, “Lead My People Back to Me”

Yahweh instructs, “Tell them who you are. I am a Watchman of the Lord and have been called as His Mouthpiece and a Prophet to the Nations.

We will  stand against the Giants in these last days with No Fear.

The Lord is My Strength.


For NOTHING is secret that shall not be made manifest,

      neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come to light“.

 LUKE 8:17





This is the definitive program that exposes “the 14th Amendment lie”. An amendment that law schools teach is legal and ratified, but which is most certainly NOT. This is our position after researching in the National and State archives and University Libraries. We are fully prepared to debate this in any open forum, but unless or until such time, there is no lawful way but by means of “defamation of character” that anyone can claim our material in any way shape or form is not correct. We welcome ANY open challenge. In either a debate fashion, or a trial. So, by all means……defame us so that we may file against you and so that we can bring all of our research into a court and smash the lies that have been perpetrated against our people, our school children, and which is responsible for replacing a Republican Form of Government with a democracy which is double speak for Communistic, Collectivistic, Communitarian Corporate fascism ! No amendment that was coerced in “ANY” way shape or form is lawful. And we prove here beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this is EXACTLY what occurred.  We also expose the FACT that the ORIGINAL ORGANIC 13th Amendment did not only exist, but was removed intentionally, and done so in the same exact way that the ORIGINAL CHRISTIANS, and their faith was nearly destroyed from the pages of time by the Roman Empires armies.  Please see for yourself the Amendment. If anyone can refute what is factual and is the law, I would love for them to have at it. Here it is

ORIGINAL 13th AMENDMENT ~ 1819 US Constitution – CERTIFIED Sam Houston State Library of Texas by Tom Lacovara-Stewart RTR TruthMedia

They were ordered after the council of Nicaea , after the so called “accepted canon” was decided upon,  the army was sent to go forth and destroy any and every library that existed which contained any of the texts ROME considered unacceptable. This is why the Dead Sea Scrolls were stored away in a cave deep and far away from the scourge of the Roman Army. And from that time, another great deception has persisted. The deception that the church of Rome, the church of the Talmudist adopted and manipulated Canon, and the whore of Babylon rose. The Pharisees were the true manipulators, and Christ warned of the scribes. Why would we be warned to beware of the scribes if in fact the Bible could NOT be manipulated, We are taught that the Bible is the infallible Word of God and that it is so divine that it can not be changed. Yet not only do we have conflicting bibles that exist, but entire books that were chosen by Roman apostates, and pagans in order to fuse Paganism with the tenets of Christianity, to deceive us all. And so many faiths have found their origin with Rome, including but not limited to the Protestants, who really only protested the rule of the Papacy. Everything else they kept, including praying to gods called saints, and idolatry. They also teach that Jesus was a god, while also teaching that he was a son of God. He was the Son of God, He is the Lion, the Redeemer, the Messiah, the great Prophet of Prophets. He truly died to set us free…….he gave us the TRUTH so that we could have the knowledge and the strength to stand opposed to the Pharisees. And he warned us of a great great threat. This threat would undermine the Sovereignty of God. And much as it was in those days it is so today. What I just described was a historical account of what the King James Version, which I find to be the most accurate available “Official Roman Council of Nicaea Canon”, and compared to the original ancient texts it is the most accurate.

Well as history usually does, it repeats itself. And once again a law was written that those who were entrusted with it began to disobey. They sought exemption. But there was NONE. For woven into the Constitution, was the Bill of Rights. This was the identified places that the Government comprised of servants ‘COULD NOT GO”!    But go they did. As was the faith back in the days of old, it was co~opted, and frontmen put forward, while infiltrators conspired to remove one of the safety mechanisms that was handed down to protect it. One such protection was the ORIGINAL 13th Amendment. There is NO DOUBT as to its existence now. As of January of 2013, it has been discovered in so many different places, that the Conspiracy theory at this point is not the fact that it was disappeared off the Constitution. But the real Conspiracy “theory” is that it does NOT exist. I go by evidence. And the EVIDENCE shows, in State archives, and in State Libraries and Universities, that it does not only exist, but it is the Supreme law. And what people do not realize is that it is not so much the anti~lawyer Amendment, it really is not. It is the anti~Foreign Association Amendment.

The United Nations and our involvement in the United Nations would NOT be possible if the ORIGINAL 13th Amendment had not been intentionally removed to pave the way for it and for the 14th Amendment to override the 2nd Amendment, and much more.

The expansion of Federal Power through crafty legislation built upon this usurpation, however a brief time in history that it was, has made the law itself unlawful, and it created a de~facto government, as President Andrew Johnson said at the time and strongly opposed the 14th, yet we were told that there was a Presidential proclamation issued in support of it….but then we see that it was not signed by the President at all, but by the Secretary of State, the other man they tried to kill the night LINCOLN was killed, allegedly, that is the historical account…..but as we have proven, the official story must always now be re-investigated.   There are many good men in law enforcement pitted against policies that are making less and less sense, and causing the people to take out their anger on them. as if it was them personally who subverted the law to create this chaos. We are all being pointed inward toward each other. Can we not see this ? Are we not all fellow countrymen and women ? Why the militarization of police and drones in our skies ? I said long ago if we use them there we will have them here and I was called CRAZY !  Federal Reserve Criminal Unconstitutional Bankster Cartel, the Council on Foreign relations, the United Nations, and the Communist/Socialist Fascist infiltration of America. So many men throughout history called insane for their hard line and their beliefs……the only shame is that they have been right all along, and they have been PROVEN so while the nation suffers from a demoralization that nearly has them so lethargic and apathetic that it takes shaking them to snap them out of it……Well these two are the shakers……and you have just entered the


and information to counter all of the dis-information. No corporate sponsors here…..we are truly the FREE PRESS !!

KOKESH   Tom at the rally


Thomas Robert Lacovara-Stewart 

  Tom is a Constitutional and historical researcher and investigative journalist and is a former NJ Fire Fighter. Vehicle Extrication Technician and Crash Rescue and HAZ MAT Tech. Tom has become become a active liberty activist, most recently he went to encamp and cover the Bundy Ranch Situation. Tom covered the unfolding event on the Radio Broadcast daily from the location, and gave watch for security for nearly two months.   While on site Tom provided medical assistance, utilizing his past skills while also reporting for the Broadcast as well as also providing security  for several individuals coming in to speak and or show support to the family as well as the family itself.

              Tom rode in the lead truck in the Truckers Ride For the Constitution and coordinated main stream media for the event. He worked with the “Ride”, and assisted FOX News get the footage LIVE, and assisted with media interview coordination for the event accommodating RT, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and provided security for the representatives of the Ride For The Constitution. Tom still is a staff writer on Patriots Ride For the Constitution as well as on several blogs including this one, and is heard on the Republic Broadcasting Network, PNN, and Radio, Satellite, Short Wave, and Internet.

Tom delivered a speech in Washington D.C. at the  Reclaim America Now Coalition Rally,  where Tom was honored to deliver his speech among such fine Americans such as Larry Klayman, Sheriff Mack, Admiral James “Ace” Lyons, Joseph Farah , JB Schaffner, and many other fine individuals …the series of speeches were across from the White House in Lafayette Park. Tom called for accountability for those who committed treason in Benghazi and so many more “Constitutional” violations……and so many more scandals.


Those that fail to learn the lessons of history, are doomed to repeat it …… a message of liberty, of an attempt to explain to people how we have gone wrong and at what time in history.

Tom turned his life over to research and discovery of facts and evidence that prove  “that 11 States delegates were “forced out by the THREAT of MARTIAL LAW in their STATES ! INCLUDING NORTHERN STATES for those of you that have fallen for the “we support slavery” nonsense. There is no lawful nature to coercion of a ratification process. That is an armed COUP.  We have a perpetual responsibility to remain true to what we know to be the TRUE Supreme Law of the Land. And the exercising of ones rights can not be converted into a crime, so if we are forced to react, it is only after that violation occurs.

 SHERIFF MACKADMIRAL “ACE” LYONS and many many other great speakers delivered speeches across the street from the White House. This speech was from that event.

It is by definition UN-Constitutional to violate the Supreme Law. And that is what we here at            RTR TRUTH MEDIA exist to show and to expose. To at least provide peaceful remedy and a non-violent solution to the mounting nervousness and fear caused by the federal actions of building an ever increasing martial police state.

                           The second shot heard round the world near to the exact same spot the first revolution occurred, was the spot of the crime…whoever was really responsible for Boston quite possibly has infiltrated our institutions……..not EVERYONE that works for our government is bad. But attacks have come seemingly from within.  That is why it makes it nearly impossible to expose it,  and it is only for the actions of a few ……. that such great loss of liberty occurs to all. For his faith and spirituality, for his country and family, Tom believes that educating as many as possible on Radio and with


        “Resurrect the Republic | Dirty Uncle Sam”


 the factual events in history that brought us here, and hopes to effect change through that awareness and through what we should do ,its simple, we can rewind the trip to where they took us off course.

Tom went to Military Academy and was a Fire Fighter until Lyme Disease (which at the time the government penalized doctors for treating) placed him in severe pain causing complications and crippling effects, and finally leading to a coma and an intensive care extended hospital stay. After tracing back the disease through research to the Plum Island Facility and a government Operation called Paperclip, he was determined to protect and inform all the more for his understanding in things the mainstream media and public do not talk about, and what is kept from the people.each new day since then has been one more inspirational after the next…the TRUTH will set us free. We have been under a silent war style attack….economic, psychological, administrative, legislative, and education system corrupted. It is long passed time that the people stopped putting their faith in corporations, their media, and their foundations and endowments that have enslaved us all. In the guise of philanthropy, we have been literally “dumbed down”, pacified, toxified, and habitualized as far as big pharma, which had its origins in the re-creation of synthetic natural molecules by I.G. Farben which was a conglomerate of bayer and a few others ……they called the individuals who were using these same compounds only giving them in natural forms to their patients, and they sought and received patents on nature, and began the largest scam in the history of the world next to the complete fabrication of the most current version of American History. We reveal how where why and who……..and we teach the public the best provable version of American History that you are likely to ever see. You will not see our material in government run schools……which is why you should embrace and support what we do. We do not get paid for this portion of our hard work.

Watch Tom’s video

Bruce Ray Riggs 

bruce Bruce is the “senior” Constitutional Researcher of the team….Bruce and Tom crossed paths on a talk show and the light bulb appeared. Bruce’s father, like Toms, was in the legal profession, but he was a prosecutor ……so that completes the team….A Judges son and a Prosecutors son……both who were told of the deception and the lie that was and is the 14th Amendment usurpation. Sit back and educate yourself with all of the info we offer……and help us Resurrect the republic Among many ventures Bruce has also ran for a seat in the Florida House of Representatives for no other reason than to bring this information forward…..and the team both plans to coordinate a fund raising campaign to get him in the debates by getting him on the ballot…..if you believe in our cause……help us reach that goal. DONATE as we are not backed by super PACs….

Bruce has tirelessly taught countless groups and has waken many people up to the facts that our Constitutional Republic has been undermined and in its crime, a corporation nation installed, a clever image of the original, but creating a “new form” of government that the founders clearly did not give the authority to create. Bruce’s work has been studied all over the world. He is running for house again……and if the public is ready yet for Bruce to stir things up with truth and indisputable facts, it is time to stand behind him. This is one honorable Patriot.        Patriots Tom and Bruce both are…….and a force to be reckoned with. They have been cyber attacked, their lives threatened, and they continue to pursue TRUTH and liberty, no matter the cost, and they have both spent tens of thousands waking the people up. In fact they do not accept salaries from the network they are on. They do what they do for the love of liberty and of the Oaths they took to the U.S. Constitution……to support and defend it …..against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. Toms position is that we have protested in D.C. ……it is time to take it where the fight needs be fought. The Federal Reserve Criminal Rothschild lead Criminal Banking Cartel, as well as the Council on Foreign Relations and the United Nations.

     As many died fighting before us for the cause of liberty, so to must the tree of liberty be refreshed from time to time, because if we do not stand together right here and right now, which we might as well do, as if we do not stand together here, we shall all surely hang separately. The United States is not the last bastion of freedom, it is the first and only that makes free speech its number 1 priority, and the right to protect it by God,  number 2   !                          Thomas Robert Lacovara-Stewart

Watch Bruce’s Video

This amazing video is Bruce Ray Riggs at the Continental Convention in 09.


Stop fighting the separate amendment battles…..the fruits of the poison tree…….I give you the TREE !! And with that he provided factual proof…..EVIDENCE that in 1867 as an act of a Banker/Military takeover at gunpoint 11 States delegates were forced out of the 14th Amendment ratification at GUNPOINT, and that is only one out of about 5 separate and seriously damning points in and of themselves that strike the 14th with nullity !

Its time to Resurrect the Republic !!!

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  • Thomas Robert Lacovara-Stewart

    Thank you Ali…..we try to reveal the real history of the United States as painful as it is sometimes, if people would listen we could go back to a truly free society……but they have been indoctrinated through a Silent War they have very little ability to comprehend…..except for a few…..but the intellect is there… is the cognitive dissonance that is keeping them…..the difficulty is having to admit that what you thought was reality was in fact not… can be very disturbing to most……but if they can see themselves through it and just read ….and re-read….and research it for themselves, the answers become clear. One must truly free their own mind…..and ignore what we have been told and analyze the evidence.

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    I cant express the level of lawful intelligence You have. I can only imagine most Lawyers and Judges don’t even have this. Your Historic knowledge and ability to recall specifics is amazing!!! The whole RBN Crew should run this Country!!!!!!!!! The whole RBN Broadcast is amazing, 24/7. Knowledge radio is its Genre. Not talk radio. Its in a class alone. I cant thank You and RBN, John Stadtmiller and all the long and hard work You Guys put in for free(when I quit working PT I will donate more.) For Free!!!!!!! True Patriots!!!!!!!!!! This station should be the first and last thing U.S. Citizens listen to daily. Thank You again. Resurrect the Republic!!! West Virginia.

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