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Many of our elected officials of the time, and from Northern and Western States cried out, took action, and they have been covered up by time and by the efforts of those legacy families and corporations. Trillions of dollars – Tax Exempt Foundations

The destruction of the true history of the Republic of the united States. Don’t you think it is long passed time that you had the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth… help us God !

HISTORICAL —————->  32 Page Full Research pdf.  <—————- FACT

Tom Lacovara-Stewart 


and some serious scalawags….don’t let them win.

Read the FULL RESEARCH above, or read below for the brief….

Brief on the 14th Amendment – click on link below.

The 14th Amendment is Un-Constitutional – Our Evidence and Discovery to Support – We Give You NOT the Poison Fruit ,  We Give You the Tree !

International Bankster Gangsters, as well as many from within, the most difficult to guard against…… committed acts of fraud, coercion, fraud, kidnapping,           yes,          I’m absolutely serious. They actually had 2 State Representatives forcefully kidnapped and brought to the quorum, and forced them to acknowledge taking their seats,   although they had been thrown in holding. A Judge ordered one of the men immediately released, only to have said Judge thrown off the bench by force.   NOTE: The Judge won re-election to spite the unlawful criminal act against him, the People placed him back on the bench, but the crime was never prosecuted,  and the product of this treason was the forced implementation of the 14th Amendment.           Folks, this is the answer we have all been awaiting. A peaceful and easy remedy. The law is the law. And they have, as well as continue to violate it.

This article you have opened is the brief on said research. This article has been published, re-published and shared thousand upon thousands of times with no one ever being able to debunk the factual content within, but just to say “nuh uh”… a child, or to try to call the research the “beliefs” of radical conservatives. Of course, offering not where there is one mistake, one factual inaccuracy, nor has anyone presented period evidence to refute this either.

We are still waiting ……and consider this an open challenge to any and all who would desire to prove us wrong. Call into our radio show anytime.    All are welcome.       Do not believe the actual conspiracy theories that we are trying to bring back slavery or that we are white supremacists. Black folks have been victimized, but as they focus on slavery of over 175 years ago,    crimes are being committed against them that they have little clue of the origin of,     but all of us EQUALLY SUFFER FROM – 14th Amendment Citizenship Debt Enslavement via, the Birth Certificate which is registered biological property,


We are the value. We are what has been pledged as collateral , while the validity of the public debt can not be questioned according to this treason    . No rational individual would ever have signed this unless they were colluding to commit fraud and conspiracy against the People of the united States. This is but one of the fundamental reasons that many states who “had at first” ratified the 14th, were forced to RESCIND their ratifying votes before the fat lady sang so to speak. Which is when the Secretary of State William H Seward, in direct defiance of the President, ordered the 14th Amendment published after issuing    2    FRAUDULENT   Executive Orders that he had absolutely no authority, nor the permission of the President to do so. Seward had to be wielding the Power of quite possibly the king of England who was referred in the Treaty of Paris that ended hostilities related to the Revolutionary War, but quite oddly agreed to pay the king <—–SMALL K , (sorry….he was is and always will be a scalawag, so as i was stating…..all of this occurred after the President gave 2 veto addresses on this attack upon State and individual sovereignty. This one moment in history has caused everything from Gun Control to all of the armed Federal Agencies. Drivers License (permission to freely travel for money –not in commerce–)

THE 14TH AMENDMENT is UN-CONSTITUTIONAL and was an ARMED TAKEOVER – a COUP – While they had the strength of the Union Army at their disposal…..they used it. And even defied the President.




For NOTHING is secret that shall not be made manifest,

      neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come to light“.

 LUKE 8:17


                       CLICK HERE –                                                 


This is the definitive program that exposes “the 14th Amendment lie”.  We stand against slavery, discrimination, or the violating of human and unalienable rights that the government never had the right to take but that we were born with individually. It is our position that not only did slavery not end, but that it was usurped by government and taken away from the private sector for as long as was needed until they began to privatize prisons, making massive profit doing so, as the use for slaves in the late 1800’s was waning in any capacity that human bondage was profitable, and it was also being legislated away, with pressure from Europe becoming evident. The only way that slavery could be saved, was by the 13th Amendment(current), that makes involuntary servitude unlawful EXCEPT IF SOMEONE IS CONVICTED of a CRIME….. then it is allowed and it is enforced by government. Since then, the United States INC. has created more laws i.e. –  victim-less crimes, and revenue crimes that have again fully enslaved African Americans and all the rest of us, as there are more African Americans in prison and jails today than there were ever slaves in all of the South and the 4 Northern slave owning states at the time of the so called “Civil War”. It was a sham, a ruse, a way to institutionalize slavery. And it is not just African Americans, but primarily the poor everywhere. It was a deviously brilliant way to enslave the poorest class of people period. And the US has more people in prison today than any other Western nation and more than most any other nation period. All made possible by the 14th Amendment that followed. An amendment that law schools teach is legal and ratified, but which is most certainly NOT.

I have been attacked and called the most awful names and they tried to tell people that I wanted to bring back slavery and that I was a White Supremacist…..why? Because they are trying to stop the truth with absolute lies. In fact, I believe I can show how African Americans were used and misused as pawns and how. This should if anything empower them with information that will help them understand how slavery never ended, but was absorbed by government and the Prison Industrial Complex. No Involuntary Servitude ….EXCEPT, if you are convicted of a felonious revenue generating victimless crime. Then you can be enslaved and are as the corporations that house prisoners are often paid per inmate, so they lobby for stricter sentences….not to protect the public, but for PROFIT. THAT is the definition of slavery or chattel.  They are trying to put a stop to the real information that would empower all of the people who need it the most. That makes this information dangerous. That makes all of us UNITED dangerous. And we do not to rise into a Communist Marxist Revolution……we need to rise to DEMAND that the ORIGINAL Bill of Rights be honored. The Constitution….BEFORE the International Bankster Gangsters defiled it. We have all of the proof and evidence and information to be able to do just that.

 This is our position after researching in the National and State archives and University Libraries. We are fully prepared to debate this in any open forum, but unless or until such time, there is no lawful way but by means of “defamation of character” that anyone can claim our material in any way shape or form is not correct. We welcome ANY open challenge. In either a debate fashion, or a trial. So, by all means……defame us so that we may file against you and so that we can bring all of our research into a court and smash the lies that have been perpetrated against our people, our  children, and which is responsible for replacing a Republican Form of Government with Democratic Socialism/Communism that is commonly today referred to as a  democracy which is doublespeak for Communistic, Collectivist, Communitarian Corporate fascism ! A clever way to turn normal Americans who did not know any better into nationalists, then into what they are today without even realizing it, which essentially are all Communists. No amendment that was coerced in “ANY” way shape or form is lawful. And we prove here beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this is EXACTLY what occurred.  We also expose the FACT that the


did not only exist, but was removed intentionally, and done so criminally. Denying a ratified Amendment because it would have completely prevented and foreign entitled, or associated entity, such as the BAR Association gain a stranglehold on America. The Supreme Court  ruled that acts we know to have been treason (14th Amendment), are “un-review-able”. How can this be if we are told the truth about what our standing in law is? We are being deceived. Any title of nobility, honor, gift or gratuity, foreign association,  can not hold  office, position of public trust, nor are they protected by Citizenship as they would forfeit their citizenship if accepting any.  Esquire, is a “title of nobility” and is a BAR Association Identifier. Upon graduating Law School you are a JD, not an “Esquire”. Not until”MADE SO”, which can also be taken away if you are determined by a panel of other NON ELECTED PEOPLE that you violated their rules. And we wonder how power has been abused?

ORIGINAL 13th AMENDMENT ~ 1819 US Constitution – CERTIFIED Sam Houston State Library of Texas by Tom Lacovara-Stewart RTR TruthMedia



In 1868 11 State’s delegates were forced out of the ratification process of the 14th Amendment and what was forced by many complete violations of the rights of the people was not freedom, and only equal in that it made all of us equally debt slaves, that is, unless one knows how to “craft” one’s way around it.

The ORIGINAL 13th Amendment.

There is NO DOUBT as to its existence now. As of January of 2013, it has been discovered in so many different places, that the Conspiracy theory at this point is not the fact that it was disappeared off the Constitution. But the real Conspiracy “theory” is to and for anyone who tries to say that it does NOT exist. I go by evidence. And the EVIDENCE shows, in State archives, and in State Libraries and Universities, that it does not only exist, but it is the Supreme law. And what people do not realize is that it is not so much the anti~lawyer Amendment, it really is not. It is the anti~Foreign Association Amendment.

The United Nations and our involvement in the United Nations would NOT be possible if the ORIGINAL 13th Amendment had not been intentionally removed to pave the way for it and for the 14th Amendment to override the 2nd Amendment, and much more.

The expansion of Federal Power through crafty legislation built upon this usurpation, however a brief time in history that it was, it has made the law itself unlawful, and it created a de~facto government, as President Andrew Johnson said at the time and strongly opposed the 14th, yet we were told that there was a Presidential proclamation issued in support of it….but then we see that it was not signed by the President at all, but by the Secretary of State, the other man they tried to kill the night LINCOLN was killed, allegedly, that is the historical account, ….. but as we have proven, the official story must always now be re-investigated.   There are many good men in law enforcement pitted against policies that are making less and less sense, and causing the people to take out their anger on them. as if it was them personally who subverted the law to create this chaos. We are all being pointed inward toward each other. Can we not see this? Are we not all fellow countrymen and women? Why the militarization of police and drones in our skies ? I said long ago if we use them there we will have them here and I was called CRAZY!  Federal Reserve Criminal Unconstitutional Bankster Cartel, the Council on Foreign Relations, the United Nations, and the Communist/Socialist Fascist infiltration of America. So many men throughout history called insane for their hard line and their beliefs……the only shame is that they have been right all along, and they have been PROVEN so while the nation suffers from a demoralization that nearly has them so lethargic and apathetic that it takes shaking them to snap them out of it……Well these two are the shakers……and you have just entered the….


and information to counter all of the dis-information. No corporate sponsors here…..we are truly the FREE PRESS !!

KOKESH Tom at the rally


Thomas Robert Lacovara-Stewart 

  Tom is a Constitutional and historical researcher and investigative journalist and is a former NJ Fire Fighter. Vehicle Extrication Technician and Crash Rescue and HAZ MAT Tech. Tom has become become a active liberty activist, most recently he went to encamp and cover the Bundy Ranch Situation, as well as boots on the ground at the Oregon Stand Off. Tom covered the unfolding event on the Radio Broadcast daily from the location, and gave watch for security for nearly two months.   While on site Tom provided medical assistance, utilizing his past skills while also reporting for the Broadcast as well as also providing security  for several individuals coming in to speak and or show support to the family as well as the family itself.

              Tom rode in the lead truck in the Truckers Ride For the Constitution and coordinated main stream media for the event. He worked with the “Ride”, and assisted FOX News get the footage LIVE, and assisted with media interview coordination for the event accommodating RT, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and provided security for the representatives of the Ride For The Constitution. Tom still is a staff writer on Patriots Ride For the Constitution as well as on several blogs including this one, and is heard on the Republic Broadcasting Network – Radio, Satellite, Short Wave, and Internet.

Tom delivered a speech in Washington D.C. at the  Reclaim America Now Coalition Rally,  where Tom was honored to deliver his speech among such fine Americans such as Larry Klayman, Sheriff Mack, Admiral James “Ace” Lyons, Joseph Farah , JB Schaffner, and many other fine individuals …the series of speeches were across from the White House in Lafayette Park. Tom called for accountability for those who committed treason in Benghazi and so many more “Constitutional” violations……and so many more scandals.


Those that fail to learn the lessons of history, are doomed to repeat it …… a message of liberty, of an attempt to explain to people how we have gone wrong and at what time in history.

Tom turned his life over to research and discovery of facts and evidence that prove  “that 11 States delegates were “forced out by the THREAT of MARTIAL LAW in their STATES ! INCLUDING NORTHERN STATES for those of you that have fallen for the “we support slavery” nonsense. There is no lawful nature to coercion of a ratification process. That is an armed COUP.  We have a perpetual responsibility to remain true to what we know to be the TRUE Supreme Law of the Land. And the exercising of ones rights can not be converted into a crime, so if we are forced to react, it is only after that violation occurs.

 SHERIFF MACKADMIRAL “ACE” LYONS and many many other great speakers delivered speeches across the street from the White House. This speech was from that event.

It is by definition UN-Constitutional to violate the Supreme Law. And that is what we here at

 RTR TRUTH MEDIA    exist to show and to expose. To at least provide peaceful remedy and a non-violent solution to the mounting nervousness and fear caused by the federal actions of building an ever increasing martial police state.

                           The second shot heard round the world near to the exact same spot the first revolution occurred, was the spot of the crime…whoever was really responsible for Boston quite possibly has infiltrated our institutions. Not EVERYONE that works for our government is bad. But attacks have come seemingly from within.  That is why it makes it nearly impossible to expose it,  and it is only for the actions of a few ,   that such great loss of liberty occurs to all. For his faith and spirituality, for his country and family, Tom believes that educating as many as possible on Radio



Anyone interested in attending please contact Laurie at Republic Broadcasting Network

1 (800) 724 – 2719 ext 1


        “Resurrect the Republic | Dirty Uncle Sam”


 the factual events in history that brought us here, and hopes to effect change through that awareness and through what we should do ,its simple, we can rewind the trip to where they took us off course.

Tom went to Military Academy and was a Fire Fighter until Lyme Disease (which at the time the government penalized doctors for treating) placed him in severe pain causing complications and crippling effects, and finally leading to a coma and an intensive care extended hospital stay. After tracing back the disease through research to the Plum Island Facility and a government Operation called Paperclip, he was determined to protect by informing the public what he went through. All the more for his understanding these things the mainstream media and public do not talk about, ….. it is kept from the people. But as he regained some normality, the drive to compare history with the present lead to profound discoveries in the historical record. Each new day since then has been one more inspirational after the next…the TRUTH will set us free. We have been under a silent war style attack….economic, psychological, administrative, legislative, and education system corrupted. It is long passed time that the people stopped putting their faith in corporations, their media, and their foundations and endowments that have enslaved us all. In the guise of philanthropy, we have been literally “dumbed down”, pacified, toxified, and habitualized as far as big pharma, which had its origins in the re-creation of synthetic natural molecules by I.G. Farben which was a conglomerate of Bayer and a few others ……they called the individuals who were using these same compounds only giving them in natural forms to their patients, and they sought and received patents on nature, and began the largest scam in the history of the world next to the complete fabrication of the most current version of American History. We reveal how where why and who……..and we teach the public the best provable version of American History that you are likely to ever see. You will not see our material in government run schools……which is why you should embrace and support what we do. We do not get paid for this portion of our hard work.

Watch Tom’s video


Stop fighting the separate amendment battles…..the fruits of the poison tree…….we give you the TREE !!

And with that the provided factual proof…..the EVIDENCE that in 1868 as an act of a Banker/Military takeover at gunpoint 11 States delegates were forced out of the ratification process of the

14th Amendment

…… GUNPOINT,  and or threat thereof…..

and that is only one out of about 5 separate and seriously damning points in and of themselves that strike the 14th with nullity !

Its time to Resurrect the Republic !!!

send to whom in the subject – mail will be delivered to them accordingly


as well as all honorable mentions of those we highly respect and value as to their efforts to bring  –


 Fred Stapleton  ~  Ann Carpenter ~ Valente’ Gonzalez

  Chris Cave  – Thomas Mick

Ray Becker – of Shore Media Group

and who I respect on –  FOREIGN AFFAIRS

Steven Corbett – Ken O Keefe – Dr. Alan Sabrosky


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