Democrat (Commu/Fascist Congresswoman Corrine Brown Indicted with her Chief of Staff

In an all too common occurrence, another one bites the dust. The charges have been leveled, but the case seems air tight. Of course, unlike this cow who judges people before trials, she will be afforded the kindness she has chosen on many occasions NOT to want to give others, and she will be given due process.

(D-FL) has FINALLY been indicted on corruption charges. It’s a case that has been building for some time now and has been threatening to end the infamous Democrat’s career…

Brown is facing 22 counts ranging from fraud, conspiracy to commit mail fraud, mail fraud, making false statements, and more. Brown’s chief of staff, Elias Simmons is facing 19 criminal counts as well.

Federal law enforcement seem confident they can make the charges stick.

Assistant Attorney General Caldwell: “Congresswoman Brown and her chief of staff are alleged to have used the Congresswoman’s official position to solicit over $800,000 in donations to a supposed charitable organization, only to use that organization as a personal slush fund.”

IRS Criminal Investigator, Richard Weber:The defendants are alleged to have committed a multitude of criminal violations, including fraudulently receiving and using hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions meant for a nonprofit organization for their own personal and professional benefit. The American public expects and deserves equitable enforcement of our tax laws.”


First Coast News explains that “the indictments  stem from Brown’s involvement in a group called “One Door for Education,” which advertised itself as a charity, but was never a registered nonprofit. One Door’s president Carla Wiley entered a guilty plea of Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud charges in early March.

The FBI says despite raising over $800,000 in donations, the indictment alleges that One Door was associated with only two scholarships totaling $1,200 that were awarded to students to cover.” 

Corrine Brown Indictment by Tom Lacovara-Stewart RTR TruthMedia on Scribd

It personally DISGUSTS ME when I see anyone preying upon the good nature of the public, and every one of our desire to help children, especially a U.S. Senator.    Washington D.C. needs a proverbial ENEMA !!! 

                                                                                                             Thomas Lacovara-Stewart

Here is a few examples of what this Floridian idiot Senator stands for and what she is about which is Race baiting, and Marxist values.

And for our VETERANS… will love this idots “RECON” of Florida – Oh my God, this is pathetic


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