Victory Over Oppression

Recently released from Federal Jail in his involvement with the Malheur Wildlife Refuge Protest also known as the Oregon Stand Off, Tom Lacovara-Stewart, host of the Resurrect the Republic Radio Show on the Republic Broadcasting Network will be returning to the air.

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We at RTR TRUTH MEDIA exist and work very hard every day to expose the corruption in government and in the corporations behind, under and over them. We have revealed and exposed the fact that in 1868, a Secret Constitution was created by the Corporate Personhood created by the unlawful armed coercion of 11 States delegates being forced out of the ratification process of the 14th Amendment and Reconstruction. This enslaved is all and used Black Americans, as if slavery was not bad enough on everyone affected, we were all pitted against eachother under the guise of freedom, which never was to be, replacing rights with "PRIVLEGES" . How about we end slavery once and for all ?

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