Cassius Methyl
October 7, 2014
(TheAntiMedia) Last week in Sandusky, Ohio, Officer Christopher Denny said a couple’s infant child would “go to children’s services for obstructing a police investigation” when the 34 year old man refused to show his ID at a routine traffic stop.


The officer had pulled them over for having an Ohio license plate that allegedly indicated the driver’s license was expired, but she revealed she had a valid license from the state of Michigan.
The officer continued in his effort to find something to charge the innocent parents with, alleging that the 34 year old man in the car resembled a man wanted on a felony warrant, mistaking Andre Stockett for a Jeremy Newell.

Andre managed to record the encounter on video, and you can watch the video below:

The couple had broken no laws, but the officer insisted on searching their car with a K-9 Unit; arresting them for obstruction of justice for absolutely no reason. Pure, unadulterated harassment for profit. It should be noted that after detaining Stockett and searching the car, no illegal narcotics were found.

The officer also cited the couple being ‘nervous’ as probable cause to search the vehicle.
Andre Stockett had this to say for a newspaper interview with The Sandusky Register:
“It was so unprofessional … I tried to compose myself as long as I could … My girl takes the baby out of the car, and they search the car seat. I’m sitting in a police car, and I can’t do nothing about that. He’s two weeks old. I don’t know where it goes from here.”
Just another day of police looking to incarcerate people , sacrificing morality for money in America.
Please share this with specifically people who are not normally exposed to these types of stories to spread awareness about these kinds of police abuses.
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  • Freespirit

    I could feel my “blood boiling” listening to those lying cops. Everything they do and say is only to condition you to SUBMIT.

    They want a compliant,weak, “yes sir-no sir” dumb-down public

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