CPS Child Protective Services FRAUD

What I have discovered is nothing short of absolute and outright theft, fraud, of such a massive and systemic ciminal proportions that it almost must seem as though it was a different reality we are all in. The Federal Govrnment through the State governments have created a climate ripe for embezzlement, identity theft, extortion, 4th Amendment privacy protections destroyed, and have removed many protections to stop the continued growth of agencies that are little more than fattening the pockets of the Banksters. By and for the Banksters, they do exist. In fact, where the government begins, and where the Corporations end is nearly impossible to tell.

The Child Support Enforcement mechanism seeks to monopolize the relationship between parents whether it’s done through welfare enrollment (to initiate a support order) or not — it seems. It is a total-control structure with few limits and controls on itself (upcoming articles on how poorly audited “undistributable” child support — sitting in various place accruing “unreported interest” for the states/counties entities — not for the kids — will show this. I was stunned to realize that the last time the HHS/OIS apparently ran such (partial) audits — without teeth — covers approximately up to the year 2005 or 2006; and only a sample of counties in a sample of states (and only Title IV-D monies) were being investigated.

CPS Child Protective Services FRAUD

he topics and issues being discussed are quite complex because of the nature of the multiple welfare programs created within Title IV of the Social Security Act (SSA); so the authors have attempted to provide a simplified overview of how federal welfare funding motivates the state family court judges to remove a willful parent and create high child support orders.

The authors have spent a tremendous amount of time researching external economic factors that they believe drive judicial discretion and influence professional judgment in domestic relations matters. Through their research and experience, the authors have concluded that a relationship exists between the federal funding of state welfare programs and the determinations made by state family court judges presiding over child-custody and domestic relations matters. They believe that it is this relationship that de-emphasizes the importance of sharing parental responsibility, and instead emphasizes a manufactured public policy concerned only on the financial obligations of one parent – rather than on the real interests of the children involved.

The authors have also concluded that, while this relationship has successfully been masked behind what is commonly termed “the best interests of the child,” the federal funding created within the Social Security Act provides clear monetary incentives to states that have a high-occurrence of one-parent households, where a child has the majority of access to only one of their parents. The authors believe that this “best interests of the child” standard is loosely subjective, gives unlimited discretion to state family court judges, and ultimately leaves a tremendous amount of room for abuse.

In simplest terms: State family courts are forcibly depriving children’s access to a parent because it is a source of revenue for the states – and because they can…..
We know that Child Protective Services has been in almost every state, more than dysfunctional, but it would appear that they are little more than a HUGE revenue generating enterprise that has no start and no end that can be found. The federal Reserve System plays a huge part, along with the International Monetary Fund. And, which should be no surprise, the INTERNATIONAL Social Security System. Thats right folks. Did you really think the Social Security Administration was a Federal program only for Americans ? Did you really think that the United Nations, and our involvement in it was allowed by the Constitution ? When I tell people that our government is NOT our government, I do not mean that they are not listening to us……what I absolutely mean, is that for starters the “actual government” mechanism is the control and authoritarian systematic mind control, much identical to the Roman Caste . The Colosseum was the first seriously well thought out and brilliantly planned public mind control tool. That has been replaced with the television set as well as the continued use of sports stadiums, the venting of the warrior rage directed into entertainment. A “pressure release and distraction.

Here is the crime…. CONTROL…… of EVERYTHING and the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT
we are told by theorists all the time that is emerging. Every major Presidential politician, as well as the other corporate minions of Rome and the Crown, have been using the same term over and over, and speaking of an “opportunity to do what has “allegedly” NEVER been done.. I say, that is crap, for what has nearly always BEEN. its just bringing it out into the public that is the real issue. This is being done. But I do not believe they believe that someone can so easily see it for what it is. You can’t call someone a Conspiracy Theorist when they are all but smacking you in the face saying so, with or without your consent, like a million “points of light”, such an interesting Luciferian term.
Allow me to share the evidence that the “One World Government” very real “New World Order” exists.

Now that we have had our minds sufficiently scrambled by that authoritarian insanity, allow me to continue to the real problem. The state must move quickly and must wrestle our children away from us to have any chance at making their collectivist Despotic hell to emerge. And who is really behind all of this you might really be asking ……why is the government pushing so hard for total control, I mean, don’t they have enough already ? Banksters. And as this article progresses, you will see EXACTLY what I mean. Bonuses of 4000 dollars paid when a child is “collected” ? And when this has become the main stay, it becomes rife for abuse. Paul Joseph Watson has investigated this deeply and he has presented quite an impressive piece on that subject. In this piece you will not only see the collectivist nightmare by us, but a Detective Jim Rothstein, a NYPD former detective is calling for an accounting for every child in this CPS system. He said that some of the worst criminals he has dealt with have been victims of this CPS system as they have been massively abused and as such they are hard wired to commit similar crimes as what happened to them. He calls it “the biggest terrorist threat to this nation, much larger than Islamic terrorism, or the intelligence agency that was caught on 911 red handed. The following is the special from Paul Joseph Watson.

CPS plays tricks to abuse the children they’ve kidnapped and then blame the parents for stirring up their own child’s “emotional reactions.” CPS authorities go after multiple generations, targeting the daughters and granddaughters of moms they’ve previously harassed. The truth of how Child Protective Services “family treatment centers” are actually funded by pharmaceutical companies is shocking.

Children are being kidnapped and trafficked by CPS authorities one mother states:

“It’s incredible what’s going on, our children are being snatched and kidnapped, they’re being shipped from state to state, and their parents’ rights are being taken away from them.”

“When a police officer knocks on your door and demands your child, and he doesn’t give you a reason why, we all become very frightened, and we wonder who’s child is going to be next? Whose child are they going to snatch and ship off to another state? And never see their child again?”

So….how is the Federal Government involved ?
” The federal Title IV~D Program makes “large sums” of grant money available to the states through the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Administration for Children and Families (ACF), Office of Child Support Enforcement (OCSE). In fiscal year 2006. Congress appropriated $4,200.000,000 (4.2 BILLION DOLLARS) for the states that operate programs in accordance with federal Guidelines. (AND CONTINUES TO APPROPRIOATE EVEN WHEN STATES HAVE BEEN FOUND TO BE IN VIOLATION OF GUIDELINES. It does this with outsourced privatized contractors also.)

Child Support Enforcement is a Welfare Program
The purpose for the creation of the IV-D welfare program was to recover allegedly “lost” taxpayer money being spent by the federal government on needy families under Title IV-A (TANF). The intent of Congress was to slow the drain that the Title IV-A (TANF) cash assistance program had on the budget. The presumption was that single mothers with a high incidence of out-of-wedlock births was the proximate cause of the rising welfare expenditures. Congress attempted to shift the financial burden from their own budget to a parent who abandoned the family.

CPS Child Protective Services FRAUDThe result of Congress’ intention was the creation of Title IV-D federally mandated guidelines, incentive block grants, and performance based grants being made available to the states for their operation of federally compliant programs. States that would comply with the federal guidelines made it a priority to collect money (termed as “child support”) from willfully absent parents who had abandoned their parental responsibilities to their children. The goal was twofold: To reimburse the expense of providing public assistance to children who had been willfully abandoned by a parent (and thus forced to become dependent on public assistance to satisfy basic needs), and to ensure continued financial support from willfully absent parents with children that were at risk of requiring public assistance if they didn’t receive support (to prevent them from requiring public assistance to satisfy basic needs).

In essence, the federal guidelines wanted the states to function as collection agencies, recovering financial support from parents who had willfully abandoned their parental responsibilities to their children. The result, however, was different from the intent and has caused the state welfare programs to adjust their environment to have a greater need, which has caused the program to collect from willing parents that would ordinarily provide a loving environment for their children absent a court order limiting a parent’s involvement. Despite the original intent of the IV-D welfare program, it now provides an incentive for the states to use their family courts to produce forcibly absent parents in order to increase the states’ IV-D welfare caseload.

The following is from a highly respected and trusted source of which I will make available the links at the very bottom of the article above my recommended video links…..PLEASE, if you know anyone affected by the CPS, share with them this information. It will if nothing else, arm them with information. While the government and the banksters fatten their pockets on the interest on funds that are allegedly there for the benefit of the chidden, it becomes obvious…..that NOTHING could be further from the truth

Agencies promote stable, safe, and healthy relationships between parents and children by participating in the larger community’s efforts to strengthen families, and encourage healthy marriage and responsible parenthood.

How dishonest is that characterization? Most people (including many legislators — and this is a fact sheet for legislators) already know the grants stream is “Healthy Marriage / Responsible FATHERhood” not “parenthood” I find the chronic slip into gender-neutral terms when it’s not a gender-neutral situation — probably an intuitive instinct to coverup the truth. The Federal Government is now a player in the local state courts, even though they admit themselves they have no real LEGAL right to interfere. They can just exert pressure from the outside by paying — or threatening to reduce — bribes to the states, which pass this on down to the local county child support agency and superior court proceeding.

Agencies have developed targeted, specific initiatives to work with special populations, including incarcerated or formerly incarcerated parents.

This Federal, State, Local and Tribal Partnership Works!

Efficiently administered, the program collected $26.4 billion from non-custodial parents in FFY 2009 and distributed $24.4 billion directly to families.

So the $2.2 billion is just to support the infrastructure, then — and advertise for more clients?                                                                          (DO YOU SMELL THE COW DUNG HERE ?   With fathers out of work and struggling to support their children…..a few billion dollars just ………all I can say to this is …..wow……it may not be journalistically professional…but Ive covered some stories in my day, but none anywhere near as repugnant as this one)

Besides which, such figures should be backed up.
Just a clue: — search the term “Undistributable Child Support” and you’ll find that Dads pay attention to this, mothers don’t….
From “DadsAmerica.org” (old post):
4. Undistributed Funds

States report an undistributed funds pool of over $634 million at the end of 2000 in
collected but undistributed child support. Most states cannot explain the existence
of the fund pools nor do they know to whom the money rightfully belongs. For
example, in California, there is an unexplainable $192 million or so that is
reported to the Federal Office of Child Support as net undistributed funds, but only
$45 million in actual cash. The other approximately $148 million cannot be accounted
for. It is quite possible that money has been diverted to general fund accounts. In
Michigan, the amount of undistributed funds doubled from about $20 million in 2000
to $40 million in 2001 and Tennessee has the highest rate/case of undistributed
funds at $71 million at the end of 2001. (See Chart 2)
Here’s a 2002 Testimony to the House Ways and Means complaining about implementation of the PWORA welfare reform, meaning, poorest families hit hardest in not getting their child support.
Statement of Geraldine Jensen, President,
Association for Children for Enforcement of Support, Inc., Sacramento, California

Testimony Before the Subcommittee on Human Resources
of the House Committee on Ways and Means

Hearing on Welfare Reform Reauthorization Proposals

April 11, 2002

ACES has 50,000 members and 400 chapters located in 48 states. We are representative of the families whose 20 million children are owed over $83 billion in unpaid child support. We have banded together to work for effective and fair child support enforcement. As one of our members said,

“I’m finally off of welfare and in the ranks of the employed. The $400 a month in child support added to my wages from my job at the restaurant makes it possible for me to support my two children. Now I can look my kids in the eye and stand proud because they know their parents are both doing their part.”

Child support payments amount to almost 26% of family income for low-income families. Single parents leaving the welfare rolls rely on child support payments to supplement low wages more than ever before due to welfare reform.

Notice Item 4 & 5 of the 5 things they asked:
4. Stop states from holding and/or sending unclaimed child support payments to state general funds. States are holding $634 million in undistributed funds.

5. Make sure states implement and enforce child support enforcement laws as outlined in PRWORA and improve their methods for collecting on interstate cases and cases involving large arrearages

ACES recently conducted a survey of families affected by the child support laws in PRWORA. We found that there are serious problems with the distribution of child support. Many families report that child support is being collected but they are not receiving payments. Others state that payments to them are sporadic or that they are uncertain how much is being collected because child support received is of varying amounts.

In Ohio, the Department of Jobs and Family Services failed to implement changes in the Welfare Reform law, which reduced the amount of welfare benefits the state was allowed to recoup from pre-assistance arrears. This caused 160,000 families to receive less child support than they were due. About $38 million was illegally withheld from Ohio’s poorest families, those who participated in Ohio Works First, became employed, and left the welfare rolls An ACES investigation discovered that the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services (ODJFS) knowingly brought online a computer system in October 2000 that miscalculated distribution of child support payments owed families.

In February 2001, ACES filed a Writ of Mandamus in State Appeals Court against ODJFS for putting the interests of the State ahead of those of affected children. As a result, Governor Taft has issued an Executive Order and the Ohio legislature has acted to release state funds to the 160,000 affected families, those who left the welfare rolls after October 1997. Ohio is supposed to be returning $44.6 million ($38 million plus interest) but families have yet to receive a payment, eight months after the Governor announced the refunds. ODJFS did not correct the records. In fact, they were unable to untangle the pre-assistance arrears from legitimately owed welfare arrears so they just changed the arrears to all be owed to the family. Now, when payments are received, even if there is a legitimate debt owed to the state, it cannot be collected. The state has told us that if they ever get the records corrected they will not pursue families to return overpayments. We have asked the Federal Office of Child Support if they are willing to give up their 50% of the welfare debt on these cases. They report that federal law would not allow this. Please act to help these families. They are caught up in a complicated distribution system that the state cannot seem to implement. They did all that Congress asked—they got a job, and left the welfare rolls. All they are asking is for support legally due to their children.

But a primary source of reports to read includes the HHS/OIG (Office of Inspector General)’s own audit of various child support agency’s handling of “UNDISTRIBUTABLE CHILD SUPPORT” and failure to report the interest on them. This URL leads to an October 1998 – March 2006 audit of Los Angeles County’s practices. It’s in the form of a report (RECOMMENDED READ), noting that it also checked two other large southern-California Counties (note: California has 58 counties ? — and only three were checked. Of these three checked, it also appears that only Title IV-D child support cases (which are a fraction of the total amount) were the HHS’s concern. ALSO NOTE — I’m unaware of any follow-up audit, meaning in the past 5 years, whether any of the bad practices have been corrected.

Review of Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department

Within California, we selected for review several local child support agencies that had large amounts of unclaimed child support collections that were 3 years old or older and/or had reported no {NADA — ZERO — ZILCH — NOTHING} undistributable collections. This report focuses on Los Angeles County’s local child support agency, the Child Support Services Department (the county agency), which reported undistributable collections and program income to the State agency. We addressed the local child support agencies in Orange County and Riverside County in separate reports (A-09-06-00040 and A-09-07-00049, respectively).



Our objectives were to determine whether the State agency appropriately recognized and reported program income for the county agency’s undistributable child support collections and interest earned on child support collections.

This is not a hard read, but it’s several pages of introduction til one gets to the juicy center: Its cover letter is from the HHS/OAS — “Office of Audit Services”:

APR 30 2009

Report Number: A-09-08-00024

Mr. Jan Studa Director California Department of Child Support Services P.O. Box 419064 Rancho Cordova, California 95741-9064

Dear Mr. Studa:

Enclosed is the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Office ofInspector General (OIG), final report entitled “Review of Undistributable Child Support Collections in Los Angeles County, California, From October 1,1998, Through March 31, 2006.” We will forward a copy of this report to the HHS action official noted on the following page for review and any action deemed necessary.



Federal regulations (45 CFR § 304.50) state that interest earned must be used to reduce Child Support Enforcement program expenditures. In addition, OCSE AT-89-16 {AT = “Action Transmittal, a form of communication”}} requires States to offset program costs by recognizing and reporting program income from interest earned on child support collections. Specifically, OCSE AT-89-16 states: “Although not required by either statute or regulation, many States have chosen to invest or deposit these funds in income-producing accounts. Any amount earned through these activities is considered program income and must be used by States to offset program expenditures.“

State agency policy, Local Child Support Agency letter 02-36, provides clarification on the reportingofinterestearnedonchildsupportcollections: “AllinterestearnedonChildSupport Enforcement program funds must be reported … ” and used to offset program expenditures.

But Los Angeles County Agency were not good boys and didn’t report for four months while the program was in transition from the district attorney’s jurisdiction to the local child support agency bureaucracy, which was formed in that same year, 2000. I still wonder if the formation of the local agencies was a consequence of this L.A. District Attorney having been caught sitting improperly on $14 million of “undistributed collections” when they knew – quite well — were several of the custodial parents were…..


The State agency did not report program income totaling $878,373 ($579,726 Federal share) for interest earned on child support collections held by the county agency. This unreported interest was earned from May through August 2000. Because administration of the Child Support Enforcement program moved July 1,2001, from the Los Angeles County office of the district attorney to the county agency, the county agency was not aware that the office of the district attorney had not reported some interest earned on collections as program income.










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