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The program that exposes the 14th Amendment lie, with the many good men of law enforcement pitted against policies that are making less and less sense, we are all being pointed inward toward each other. Can we not see this ? Are we not all fellow countrymen and women ? Why the militarization of police and drones in our skies ? I said long ago if we use them there we will have them here and I was called CRAZY !  Federal Reserve Criminal Unconstitutional Bankster Cartel, the Council on Foreign relations, the United Nations, and the Communist/Socialist Fascist infiltration of America. So many men throughout history called insane for their hard line and their beliefs……the only shame is that they have been right all along, and they have been PROVEN so while the nation suffers from a demoralization that nearly has them so lethargic and apathetic that it takes shaking them to snap them out of it……Well these two are the shakers……and you have just entered the DANGER ZONE of TRUTH and information to counter all of the dis-information. No corporate sponsors here…..we are truly the FREE PRESS !!

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Thomas Robert Lacovara-Stewart :

  Tom is a Constitutional and historical researcher and investigative journalist and is a former NJ Fire Fighter. Vehicle Extrication Technician and Crash Rescue and HAZ MAT Tech. Tom has become become a active liberty activist, most recently he went to encamp and cover the Bundy Ranch Situation. Tom covered the unfolding event on the Radio Broadcast daily from the location, and gave watch for security for nearly two months.   While on site Tom provided medical assistance, utilizing his past skills while also reporting for the Broadcast as well as also providing security  for several individuals coming in to speak and or show support to the family as well as the family itself.

              Tom rode in the lead truck in the Truckers Ride For the Constitution and coordinated main stream media for the event. He worked with the “Ride”, and assisted FOX News get the footage LIVE, and assisted with media interview coordination for the event accommodating RT, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and provided security for the representatives of the Ride For The Constitution. Tom still is a staff writer on Patriots Ride For the Constitution as well as on several blogs including this one, and is heard on the Republic Broadcasting Network, PNN, and PatrotFB.com. Radio, Satellite, Short Wave, and Internet.

               Tom delivered a speech in Washington D.C. at the  Reclaim America Now Coalition Rally,  where Tom was honored to deliver his speech among such fine Americans such as Larry Klayman, Sheriff Mack, Admiral James “Ace” Lyons, Joseph Farah and many other fine individuals …the series of speeches were across from the White House in Lafayette Park. Tom called for accountability for those who committed treason in Benghazi and so many more “Constitutional” violations……and so many more scandals.

Those that fail to learn the lessons of history, are doomed to repeat it …… a message of liberty, of an attempt to explain to people how we have gone wrong and at what time in history.

I turned my life over to research and discovery of facts and evidence that prove that 11 States delegates were “forced out by GUNPOINT” of a ratification process. That is an armed COUP and we have a perpetual responsibility to remain true to what we know to be the TRUE Supreme Law of the Land. And the exercising of ones rights can not be converted into a crime, so if we are forced to react, it is only after that violation occurs.

It is by definition UN-Constitutional to violate the Supreme Law. And that is what we here at RTR TRUTH Media exist to show and to expose. To at least provide peaceful remedy and a non-violent solution to the mounting nervousness and fear caused by the federal actions of building an ever increasing martial police state.

                           The second shot heard round the world near to the exact same spot the first revolution occurred, was the spot of the crime…whoever was really responsible for Boston quite possibly has infiltrated our institutions……..not EVERYONE that works for our government is bad. But attacks have come seemingly from within.  That is why it makes it nearly impossible to expose it,  and it is only for the actions of a few ……. that such great loss of liberty occurs to all. For his faith and spirituality, for his country and family, Tom believes that educating as many as possible on Radio and RTR TRUTH Media Broadcast as to the factual events in history that brought us here, and hopes to effect change through that awareness and through what we should do ,its simple, we can rewind the trip to where they took us off course.

Tom went to Military Academy and was a Fire Fighter until Lyme Disease (which at the time the government penalized doctors for treating) placed him in severe pain causing complications and crippling effects, and finally leading to a coma and an intensive care extended hospital stay. After tracing back the disease through research to the Plum Island Facility and a government Operation called Paperclip, he was determined to protect and inform all the more for his understanding in things the mainstream media and public do not talk about, and what is kept from the people.each new day since then has been one more inspirational after the next…the TRUTH will set us free.


Bruce Ray Riggs :

bruce Bruce is the “senior” Constitutional Researcher of the team….Bruce and Tom crossed paths on a talk show and the light bulb appeared. Bruce’s father, like Toms, was in the legal profession, but he was a prosecutor ……so that completes the team….A Judges son and a Prosecutors son……both who were told of the deception and the lie that was and is the 14th Amendment usurpation. Sit back and educate yourself with all of the info we offer……and help us Resurrect the republic Among many ventures Bruce has also ran for a seat in the Florida House of Representatives for no other reason than to bring this information forward…..and the team both plans to coordinate a fund raising campaign to get him in the debates by getting him on the ballot…..if you believe in our cause……help us reach that goal. DONATE as we are not backed by super PACs….

Bruce has tirelessly taught countless groups and has waken many people up to the facts that our Constitutional Republic has been undermined and in its crime, a corporation nation installed, a clever image of the original, but creating a “new form” of government that the founders clearly did not give the authority to create. Bruce’s work has been studied all over the world. He is running for house again……and if the public is ready yet for Bruce to stir things up with truth and indisputable facts, it is time to stand behind him. This is one honorable Patriot.        Patriots Tom and Bruce both are…….and a force to be reckoned with. They have been cyber attacked, their lives threatened, and they continue to pursue TRUTH and liberty, no matter the cost, and they have both spent tens of thousands waking the people up. In fact they do not accept salaries from the network they are on. They do what they do for the love of liberty and of the Oaths they took to the U.S. Constitution……to support and defend it …..against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. Toms position is that we have protested in D.C. ……it is time to take it where the fight needs be fought. The Federal Reserve Criminal Rothschild lead Criminal Banking Cartel, as well as the Council on Foreign Relations and the United Nations.

     As many died fighting before us for the cause of liberty, so to must the tree of liberty be refreshed from time to time, because if we do not stand together right here and right now, which we might as well do, as if we do not stand together here, we shall all surely hang separately. The United States is not the last bastion of freedom, it is the first and only that makes free speech its number 1 priority, and the right to protect it by God,  number 2   !                                       Thomas Robert Lacovara-Stewart

Watch Bruce’s Video

This amazing video is Bruce Ray Riggs at the Continental Convention in 09.

Stop fighting the separate amendment battles…..the fruits of the poison tree…….I give you the TREE !! And with that he provided factual proof…..EVIDENCE that in 1867 as an act of a Banker/Military takeover at gunpoint 11 States delegates were forced out of the 14th Amendment ratification at GUNPOINT, and that is only one out of about 5 separate and seriously damning points in and of themselves that strike the 14th with nullity !

Its time to Resurrect the Republic !!!


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Hey folks, I came across some amazing music created by Payday Monsanto about the 14th Amendment enslavement citizenship. i recommend that if your younger folks, kids, brothers, sisters , what have you, if they listen to rap music, give them this, and at least expose them to music with a powerful truthful message.

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  • Snoop4Truth

    Tom, For the truth about Deborah Tavares, The NASA War Document, Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars, The Report From Iron Mountain, Judge DALE, B.A.R. lawyers, etc., read the NINETEENTH (19th) comment and the TWENTY SECOND (22nd) comment here. They are simply unbelievable. http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?99447-Rod-Class-his-many-hoaxes. Remember, the 19th and 22nd comments.

  • Ronald Vrooman

    I cannot get past the gate keeper. And my computer is acting up.

  • This is not the place to attack individuals or their opinions or actions. Oathkeepers is more of an idea, bigger than any one individual. I promised to support and defend the Constitution – and I seek like minded people to do so with me. THAT is why I became a member…. just like the NRA, – we have to stop this “guilt by association” stuff when you disagree with someone – it does not mean we are all an identical hive mind.

  • Ronald Vrooman

    notice the Oath Keepers are present on your site. I know for a fact that Stewart Rhodes is a liar and that the Oath Keepers had a muslim apologist name Ford in Charge of Oregon. Then when called on this the allegedly fired him. However I have emails telling me they are not opposed to islam. WTF.

  • Del Aware


  • The Sage

    Babylon Is Fallen

    1. NAME: The master key to the entire system’s/CROWN CORPORATION’S game. The NAME is the lynch pin to the entire legal/control construct. Without a LEGAL NAME, which is your consent by agreeing to be said NAME, the system vampires cannot literally feed on your life blood/creation source energy that is typically shown in the physical materials we collect. It is only the CONSENT to be/use/have a LEGAL NAME/Mark of the Beast that is required for your absolute spiritual contract/deal with the devil motif to be in FULL FORCE AND EFFECT with you as a SLAVE and them as MASTER. For PROOF of this, look and see how much of your life/existence involves a LEGAL NAME and you will see the measure of control the system has over you.

    2. REGISTER/REGISTRATION etc. : Any/all things registered are FULLY SURRENDERED with consent to the CROWN CORPORATION with NO legal recourse until such things are removed by exposing the INTENT by those who serve the CROWN CORPORATION to commit fraud knowingly/unknowingly.

    ex: A child that is REGISTERED is CROWN PROPERTY by ignorant consent where the truth of REGISTERING was not brought forth which is the original INTENT by CROWN CORPORATION SERVANT’S OWNERS to have people offer their children unknowingly into slavery of soul, and thus, body. It’s the soul they’re really after, so keep that in mind.

    3. MONEY, GOLD, SILVER, ASSETS, BITCOIN etc. are ALL illusions of value where YOU are the true creator of all physical manifestations. Money, external value, has been the tool as the third party interloper “middle man” that has made draining your power possible. Money or the like only has value if one has been duped into thinking it does. This illusion is the ultimate distraction and destroyer of creator souls, literally. ALL money is based on the soul CONTRACT commonly known as a BIRTH CERTIFICATE.

    4. BIRTH CERTIFICATE: The ORIGINAL SIN CONTRACT. The NAME you think/claim as yours is NOT your creation. Your “assumed NAME” was created by your parents/family members/adoptive kin, NOT YOU. This is an ORIGINAL CREATION manifested by another that is, in turn, REGISTERED thus rendering it CROWN CORPORATION PROPERTY as previously stated. It is upon this deception that YOUR literal soul was and is enslaved and upon which ALL MONEY/DEBT is created. A DEBT BOND “value” was placed in the BIRTH CERTIFICATE based on the assumed accruement of TAXES, LOANS, DEBTS a child is expected to pay as long as they are part of this FRAUD upon humanity.

    ex: If someone is expected to pay a certain amount of taxes etc. in their lifetime, the BOND is given a DEBT “VALUE”. A child born into a wealthy family will have a higher debt bond value than someone who is of a lesser perceived “income bracket” rating. This is slave trading at its finest which divides and conquers humanity in the SERF/CASTE/HIERARCHY system that encompasses the planet.

    5. COMMAND AND CONTROL: The courts and governments are the system slaves within, bought and paid for where the true command and control aspects are the POLICE/MILITARY as the front line dogs and fear contractors for those above the courts and governments such as the BANKS/RELIGIONS and those that control them. The courts and governments are merely the filler for this “sandwich” of deception and illusion. Without the ability to CONTRACT via any/all NAMES at the front line level, the whole system of control is destroyed, most importantly those at the very top of this spiritual slavery pyramid. Without the NAME, all levels above are ultimately annihilated completely.

    6. THE TRIPLE CROWN: This consists of ROME, CITY OF LONDON CROWN CORPORATION and WASHINGTON D.C. They are the unholy trinity of the 3 in 1, 1 in 3 as illustrated clearly in the Papal Crown: Religion, to control the beliefs, minds and spirituality of humanity, the Courts and Banks to control the money/bonds and the world Police/ Military to quash rebellion and act as frontline contractors of soul extractions.

    7. PRINCIPALITIES OF DARKNESS: This is the true nature of the game that the vastness of humanity is blind to. Religions have been used to separate you from source by making one believe “god” is external and use the “saviour” program to reinforce this. Money is the tool that is used to keep people in the physical-only realm by getting them to equate an external “value” on everything where nothing would exist without the people and their creativity. Physical death and harm is the tool used to clamp down your true essence which is all creation itself. The tools employed are languages with the corruption of pure frequency intent with multiple meanings of the same sounds/frequencies, using WORDS and SPELLINGS (literally), thus dividing and conquering us and redirecting our energy into THEIR creations and control. These entities CANNOT create anything since they are soulless and thus, utterly powerless. They know this and are absolutely terrified because this spells their doom, once and for all. We are life with consciousness where these entities are consciousness without life/soul/spirit. They are COMPLETELY AND SOLELY DEPENDENT on getting our CONSENT or spiritual contract agreement and this is easily achieved through the NAME deception, buying people off, ego comforts etc. Their whole house of cards/pyramid is BASED on this FACT. We are the fuel for their system/vehicle. Without spiritual fuel, they are destroyed.

    The biggest program that we run into with the masses is the sheer disbelief of their own power and who they truly are. A masterful job has been done to get humanity to this level of spiritual weakness and complete ignorance. This was the intent of corrupting the ancient truths, re-writing our past and presenting this in schools, churches and all levels of ego academia. Repeat a lie often enough and people will believe it. It is far easier selling a giant lie to the masses than selling us one by one. The media is the main tool of thought direction and manipulation to reinforce the lies we were filled with as children and up to our current state.

    We have many soulless entities on this planet with the vast majority being placed in positions of power and control, be it police, courts, media, churches, governments, schools, military at ALL levels. Fear is their only tool and once one sees one’s own true immortal nature, one becomes untouchable; literally. The mass hypnosis of humanity is deep and you will meet all levels of resistance from friends, family, co-workers etc. so don’t bother trying to wake those consenting to be dead. The facts to prove this are all there for all to see so it is up to them to look, not you. Simply plant the seed and walk away. They are the same as the ones in the allegory of Noah that came to the ark too late; let them drown.

    We are now at the culmination of destroying these entities once and for all and they are pulling out all the fear porn, illusion and desperation plugs and in that process, they’re sinking their own ship where I merely hand them a better plug-puller now. YOU and only YOU can save yourself and no-one else so stop killing yourself trying. Let the dead bury the dead and perhaps they’ll “get it” on the next pass but they are NOT your concern. Stay the course. The path home is the one of truth only and nothing else. Your willingness to stand in truth is yours alone and to the degree that you stand will be the same degree that you become untouchable spiritually and, as a result, physically. As above, so below after all.

    There is no “middle ground” here, you’re either in or out of Babylon. You are either master or slave, mortal or immortal. The soul, YOU, are infinite where the body is merely a biological computer you operate. Your computer was infiltrated and corrupted (reptilian brain stem/fused chromosomes) and separated from the heart source mind. The soulless ones cannot experience compassion so don’t expect them to. They are the same as the Terminator droids in the movies, programmed to control and kill without remorse and are easy to spot. They are everywhere including your own family, friends etc. and all you have to do is “feel” your way through. Let your instincts and your heart be your guide.

    We are clearing this reality of these parasites exponentially now where universal law reigns supreme where none shall or can trespass. They are masters of deception so do not let your loving compassion be used against you, something that has been their most powerful tools. The bio-borg entities are already lifeless and are dependent only on being able to suck the life out of you but, like every vampire, they cannot enter your reality without an invitation. Every use of the legal NAME is the only invitation they need so best cut your ties and consent with that. Just get this concept and you have already cut the puppet strings and your causal ability returns instantly in relation to your ability to be responsible with that ultimate of powers.

    To the “walking dead” (and you know what you are), your time is over, your deceptions are powerless and now moment by now moment, you are being erased from consciousness for the invading parasites you are. We, of the living soul, are awake, aware and reclaiming our reality where yours never existed. In short, yes, you are doomed. Have a nice day!

  • DianeVirginia

    What is Adverse Possession?

    In common law, through the legally recognized concept of adverse possession, a squatter can become a bona fide owner of property without compensation to the owner. Adverse possession is the process by which one acquires the title to a piece of land by occupying it for the number of years necessary, dictated differently in practice by each state’s statute of limitation for an eviction action. A necessary component of this transfer of ownership requires that the landowner is aware (or should be aware) of the land occupation[citation needed] and does nothing to put an end to it. If the land use by the new occupant goes unchecked for the said number of years, the new occupant can claim legal rights to the title of the land. The occupant must show that the “possession is actual, open, notorious, exclusive, hostile, under cover of claim or right, and continuous and uninterrupted for the statutory period.”

    The Following Must Be Proven

    Actual – You actually acted in the manner of an owner of the property.

    Open & Notorious – You engage in acts of possession consistent with the property at issue in a manner which was capable of being seen. (This does not mean that you must have been observed in your acts of ownership but, had the actual owner or members of the public been in a position to see you, your acts must have been observeable). You need not use the property in a manner that exceeds that which would be expected of the actual owner – that is, it may be possible to claim adverse possession of a vacation property on the basis of use only during the vacation season, or to claim adverse possession of a vacant parcel of land by engaging in typical acts of maintenance for the parcel.

    Exclusive – The adverse possessor does not occupy the land concurrent with the true owner or share possession in common with the public. One does not have to exclude others from the land in order to claim “exclusive” use, but during the statutory period the person claiming title by adverse possession must have been the only person to treat the land in the manner of an owner.

    Hostile – Hostility exists where a person possesses the land of another intending to hold to a particular recognizable boundary regardless of the true boundary line. That is, possession is “hostile” to the title owner’s interest in the property. If possession was not hostile, it may still be possible to advance a claim of ownership under a theory of “acquiescence”. You cannot claim “adverse possession” if you are engaged in the permissive use of somebody else’s land.

    Under Cover of Claim or Right – Either when the person claiming the property makes the claim based upon constructive possession under color of title (e.g., there is an error in the legal description in their deed leading them to believe they own part of a neighboring property), or makes the claim based upon actual use and possession of the area of land at issue for the statutory period

    Continuous & Uninterrupted – All elements of adverse possession must be met at all times through the statutory period in order for a claim to be successful. It may be possible to claim adverse possession even if there is a transfer of ownership through the principle of “tacking” – for example, a former owner’s twelve years of adverse possession can be “tacked” to the present owner’s eight years, for a cumulative twenty years of adverse possession.

    The Statutory Period – The statutory period, or “statute of limitations”, is the amount of time the claimant must hold the land in order to successfully claim “adverse possession”.

    Common Defenses to Adverse Possession

    While the following list is far from exhaustive, these defenses are very often brought in adverse possession actions:

    Permissive Use – If the actual owner has granted the claimant permission to use the property, the claim of “adverse possession” cannot be deemed “hostile” and thus fails.

    Public Lands – Government-owned land may be exempt from adverse possession.

    Insufficient Acts – Although it is conceded that the claimant engaged in some use of the property, it is alleged that these acts were not sufficient to amount to acts suggesting a claim of ownership.

    Non-Exclusive Use – Although it is conceded that the claimant engaged in some use of the property, it is alleged that others (usually the property owner) also used the property in a manner consistent with that of the landowner.

    Insufficient Time – Even if various elements of adverse possession were met, it is alleged that the adverse possession did not last for the full statutory period, or that the adverse possession was interrupted by a period of non-use.

    50 State Time Period Required for Occupation to Claim Ownership of Land EDITED BECAUSE IT WAS TOO LONG……PLEASE GOOGLE THE TIME PERIOD


  • Yes I have a spam issue on this site…..which is why I don’t get to answer many people who comment….they get buried in hundreds of advertisements which personally I believe people are doing intentionally to sell a fix…..funny you should “offer the solution”

  • Wow! In the end I got a web site from here……..and I know how to in fact take the valuable data in it and apply it to and regarding
    my study and knowledge, and spread this information so that many can wake up and take our Republic back!!!

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  • Our many thanks to our listeners…..we appreciate the understanding and we know how difficult things are when one has their left right paradigm shattered and they must accept reality. But as reality goes, are we to just accept everything the way it falls apart around us……because we as a nation have not the ability to stop what has become an entertainment spectacle and mass media programming that we actually have a real choice of who becomes president……they operate independent of party……every candidate picked for either side is backed by Goldman Sachs, or JPMorgan Chase, or Bank of America….etc…they are all conglomerates of the Federal Reserve Banking System owned by a INTERNATIONAL GROUP OF FINANCIERS……it could be frigging CHINA IF THEY SO CHOSE !!!! Wake up PEOPLE!!!

  • Call RBN when I am on the air…..tell them you have something for me. I am on M-F at 11AM EASTERN

  • Dirk Pearson

    Thank God for people like yourselves. I feel alone out here sometimes, but I know there are still alot of God fearing men and women who love America and hate to see this police state coming to fruition. All the wars that we have fought over the years all turned out to be based on lies to get us involved. As America turns it back on God, we are getting what we deserve. Please, please, please read the Harbinger by Jonathan Cahn.
    God bless you folks
    TIJ (Trust in Jesus)

  • I am genuinely pleased to read this weblog posts which includes plenty
    of helpful data, thanks for providing such information.

  • Dr Fredric Meccia

    I called the other day to tell you about the e-mail my wife had sent me about the Illinois textbook that had the new interpretation of the 2nd Amendment. I have been trying to get it for you but it keeps getting erased into cyber=space. I will forward it asap as soon as I get it.


    Very quickly this site will be famous amid all blogging people, due to
    it’s nice articles and in depth exposure of corruption. The research is amazing. Liberty has been possible all along but high jacked by a “cartel of the elite” Rothschild Banking Cartel. We were absorbed in a hostile takeover…..how shocking …but it all makes sense…..it’s all so clear now why everything is the way it is.

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