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  • bridj
  • Diane V. Ransom

    Re: Today’s show: In Genesis 1:26 God made man. Man was to subdue the earth and he had dominion over the fish…V.30. In 2:7 God formed man…./ God never gave dominion of man to himself. He was to be his God and man was to live under his rule. Moses- The Law giver. Man in Hebrew: a human being,another,+ hypocrite,+ common sort, x low, man (mean, of low degree), person//- The Constitution uses person which in law means an individual human being or a corporate body having rights and hypostases or modes of being in the trinity.— Constitution….subject to the jurisdiction…. (render to Caesar…Mk 12:17, Mt 21:41, Lk 20:25)….Jurisdiction: the right or power of administering law or justice; judicial authority; power or authority in general; rule; control; the extent or range of judicial or other authority; the territory over which authority is exercised; a judicial organization; a court, or system of courts, of justice. — Do you think Christ himself did not pay taxes or obey laws? Did he not do the Father’s will? Because the Father gave man dominion over themselves? Christ was our example on how to live.

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