The 14th Amendment is UN-CONSTITUTIONAL – Our Evidence and Discovery To Support – We Give You Not the Poison Fruit, We Give You the Tree !



This has been prepared to give solution to the problems that have chained us and for the people of the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America

by Bruce Ray Riggs and Thomas Robert Lacovara-Stewart

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The culmination of over 1200 hours of research as well as peer review.

The long awaited full research document presentation has been completed, peer reviewed, and now is presented to all of you absolutely free of charge – in return we ask that you share this with everyone you know and please make sure they know where it came from so that they can contact us if they should have any comments or questions. This should be taught to every school child, every teenager, every adult ….. we as a people have been intentionally and systematically dumbed down and misled……fed absolute lies about our history, bought and paid for by the Globalist Criminal Banking Elites such as the Rothschild Criminal Banking Cartel, who have funded every war in the past 200 years. This in and of itself MUST BE ERADICATED from the face of the Earth. No more death, no more PNAC plans. No more Commu/Fascist insanity and Progressivism. The Communist useful idiots point the finger at Capitalism,  and at the 1%, which is NOT what we have today at all, but big government, Central Banking Crony Corporatism fused with Socialism which is destroying and devaluing our worth, as well as bail outs for the banks, while Mom and Pop lose their shirts and all of the businesses that have been smashed as a result of their predatory nature go under or have already gone. They have no problem dealing us out to the Communist Chinese, after all, they invented Communism…..Karl Marx – the son of rich Capitalists.  His uncle maintained a trust fund that he lived off of most of his life, only to author “The Communist Manifesto”, which was extremely similar to the writings of Adam Weishaupt, of the Bavarian Illuminati. The strategy he developed was not to empower the working class. It was to destroy Christianity, the West, and to bring us to our knees as they implement a One World Commu/Fascistic Dictatorship. Obama already  un-Constitutionally holds a position there………If we do not awaken the people now…..we will lose all of our sovereignty and be closed in by an Iron Curtain of our own, just like Soviet Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution. The same players are involved to this day as they were then. It is time we rose a Constitutional Continental response to the threat of the Banks. They must be rounded up, tried for treason and hung by the neck if convicted until dead dead dead…….. I believe I have been clear enough.

PARASITES…. TRAITORS to the united States !


If it takes every man woman and child to do it….it must stop.  No more bombs in foreign countries that are absolutely no external threat as nations. There is not one of the military complexes of countries that we have invaded that could EVER have stood up to the US INC in a war…… NOT A ONE ….. THEY HAVE BEEN NO MILITARY THREAT !!

But why ? Because they all reject the Rothschild Central Banks which in Islamic Countries, they still adhere to the oldest and wisest of all of the orders of God…..I in that respect am rather disappointed in those of my own Christian faith. As this crime is universal among all Abrahamic Faiths. Christians who for the most part engage in usury as those who take loans from others, who while pretending to be for and of the Torah, are absolutely no such thing. Usury is a crime that should be punishable by death. On that, I am rather sympathetic to the position of those of the Islamic faith. I wonder how many people realize that the principal reason that Muslim countries have been invaded is due to the fact that they will not allow “ROT”hschild’s Central banks of nothing but usury. As the God of Abraham so commanded Usury is a vile and completely greed based endeavor on behalf of the Banksters who manipulate the markets and rob pillage and steal everyone blind without actually working ever in their lives. They are PARASITES UPON OUR BACKS STEALING THE LIFE’S BLOOD of the UNION


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WAS SEIZED in 1868 “AFTER” the so called “CIVIL WAR” !

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The issue that is creating all of the problems we see around us were established and are in fact based on an unlawful usurpation that was brought about under the guise of a noble purpose. But the purpose was to erode state sovereignty, and empower and expand the size and scope of the federal corporation.

CITIZENSHIP,  PERSON,  and the creation of a “CORPORATE RECONSTRUCTION” was, is and continues to be unlawful. Thus, as we wonder why things keep getting worse and our legislators act with seemingly unrestricted ways, why this is is identified and the solution set forth is hereby presented to the public at large, and as to respectfully advise any and all who believe that you were intended to be masters of your own destiny with honor and in peace.


The original CITIZEN that the U.S. Constitution created is found under
Article 4 – Section 2 (state citizen)

EXHIBIT A –   CONSTITUTION           this is a “Constitutional Citizen”

Then in  1862, Congress redefined the meaning of the word PERSON, to include the definition “CORPORATION”, among other things.


—–     Then in 1868 the unlawful “alleged” ratification, the 14th Amendment created a different type of “CITIZEN“, making ALL individual flesh and blood men and women, “PERSONS“, or as defined in Blacks Law Dictionary, as  “CORPORATIONS“, to be considered “CITIZENS” of the UNITED STATES,  Federal  and “SUBJECT TO” the “JURISDICTION” thereof.      So much for State Sovereignty !


The United States as understood in this context = Washington D.C. Or doing business as the United States Incorporated
February 21st ,1871
(This is critically important to understand the meaning and subversion of the term….compare “citizens” and “persons” to the old English “serfs” in Feudal times.         Essentially, to be “subject to this jurisdiction” makes one a “voluntary servant” or “serf” or “subjects” as compared to British subjects, what we fled to the colonies for to begin with……this was mentioned as no “INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE“, but no mention of “VOLUNTARY SERVITUDE”, which was a Trojan horse……as they will go on to use clever forceful manipulation to get us to be lawfully “voluntary” submit to it without a full understanding on how it affects us all,  and they do so void of providing notification when this is done……thus making it UNLAWFUL or NULL as a result.

Note: This “corporation” was given all the powers not inconsistent with the laws of the ORIGINAL ORGANIC Constitution of the United States, which means it is CONSISTENT, double speak, or double talk.

EXHIBIT D-1SUBJECT TO” you can find in Blacks Law Dictionary, 5th edition, Page 1278
Which means as follows…. “liable, subordinate, inferior, obedient to, governed or affected by; provided ; answerable for…… And jurisdiction of course means “legal” not necessarily “lawful” authority.

EXHIBIT D-2 – 14th Amendment (FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT) Blacks Law Dictionary 5th edition, page 591 (in part). It became a part of the ORGANIC LAW, on July 28, 1868. It created, or at least reckoned for the first time a citizen of the United States of distinct…..of that of the state –


Note: If you are a citizen of the United States, you are by this reconstruction, no longer a human being on the land, but a CORPORATION, says the United States Supreme Court, a designation and classification that was intended to apply to ships and vessels in a “COMMERCIAL CAPACITY” .

This is why all gun crimes, ALONG WITH MANY OTHERS  are $$$Commercial $$$ Offences, or “REVENUE CRIMES”


A corporation is a person within the meaning of the “equal protection”, “due process” provision of the U.S. Constitution – example –
METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE V. WARD, ALABAMA 470 U.S. 869, 105 S. CT. 1676- 1683 84 L. ED. 2D 751 ALSO; See Blacks Law Dictionary 5th edition- “person, corporation” page 1028
The United States went from being a Constitutional Republic in the year of 1868, to a “FEDERAL CORPORATION”, so says US CODE TITLE 28 USC 3002 15 (a)
EXHIBIT – E – ALL crimes, state or federal are considered COMMERCIAL CRIMES,                                                                                                                                                     so says CODE of the Federal Regulation







1- One point that is used to support “unlawful Gun Control” and infringing on what shall not be infringed upon, was the propaganda that police exist to protect you. As a matter of fact, the Supreme Court determined that corporate law enforcement has absolutely no obligation or duty to protect you. And this is a huge “tell” as if they were operating Constitutionally as per the original intent and not the reconstructed replacement government created by the 14th Amendment, they absolutely would have the obligation to preserve protect and defend the rights property and life as it is related to retaining and preserving one’s rights to keep their life. So you see the proof is actually right in front of us, put in place by an administrative legal system that has replaced the Common and Natural law.

2-While many courageous police officers have, would, and will still be there to help save lives – this is not about intentions, but about law…..and about political lies meant to serve a political agenda.

Justices Rule Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone

The above link is an article By LINDA GREENHOUSE – Her content is used with  respect.  We are not affiliated but I had reason to share it with you here for good reason.

Published: June 28, 2005
WASHINGTON, June 27 – The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the police did not have a legal, nor Constitutional duty to protect a person from harm, (not that there could ever actually be a “Constitutional Duty” as the Bill of Rights are chains that are meant to BIND the government as it was always well and openly known and shared that to our founders Government was a necessary evil that needed be restrained. It humors me to hear people refer to the Bill of Rights as if the actual Bill of Rights gives us something. It is merely a definition of restrictions upon government that takes no rocket scientist to understand.)
NOT ONE STATUTE, CODE, or any LAW can go against it. even a woman who had obtained a court-issued protective order against a violent husband making an arrest mandatory for a violation.   Click on title for full article, and learn the truth regarding the fact that police are under absolutely NO obligation nor duty to protect you….. To Serve and Protect ? PROPAGANDA !   NO CORPORATE LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER HAS THE OBLIGATION to PROTECT ANYONE but of course they have duty to the MUNICIPAL CORPORATION which hired them to enforce codes and statutes to bring revenue primarily into the coffers of the Municipality or (CORPORATION).  They can, and obviously many good officers will go what?      ABOVE and BEYOND the CALL of DUTY.  
                                                                                         Did you perhaps ever wonder where that phrase came from ?    It would be fitting if they do protect.    And now you will seriously appreciate it if you are in a pinch and they do actually PROTECT rather than just ENFORCE after the fact.  I have friends who are officers, and I love them dearly.  This is why rather than allowing myself to become bitter toward them I prefer to communicate and information share (teach).   I back everything up with documented facts, so no one can ever accuse me of ever propagandizing the police to try and subvert them into doing any more than giving up Commu/Corporate Fascism.    
                                                            So when officers protect you from harm, thank them and use it as an opportunity to share your knowledge of these facts and thank him for going “above and beyond” while explaining to him or her what that means because if they do protect you from harm, attack,  they should be made to realize the system they are beholden to.    Sheriff ,   a real one anyway, is such a better job as they are CONSTITUTIONAL OFFICERS as long as they have not been fully incorporated and only wear the name .  Police are absolutely not out there enforcing natural law or Constitutional Rights, as they daily violate everyone’s Constitutionally Restricted Government Rules otherwise known as the Bill of Rights.       if you have not harmed another or caused injury or damaged property, you have not transgressed upon anyone, there is no issue.  NO VICTIM – NO CRIME !      
                                                         Without a victim, all the liberty you are demanded these days to surrender,  for what they allege is security, has given us neither and if we do not awaken and pull our heads out of our collective (COLLECTIVIST DAMAGED HIND QUARTERS, it will be too late…..all of the money, registration, D.L. or better known as a permission slip from the government to perform an activity that was not originally unlawful and in fact it was always seen as an inherent right to travel unmolested as a primary RIGHT. According also to the Supreme Court, allegedly where there are Constitutional restrictions on Government otherwise known as our “rights”, NO RULE-MAKING SHALL BE MADE NOR ALLOWED !!!        All of this nonsense, just to be able to travel upon the roadways unimpeded?      As the son of a Municipal Court Judge who spent a lifetime on the bench, I can tell you that i have heard with my own ears the Mayor of one of the towns my father sat upon the bench of, who first asked him if he could start going a little heavier in court …… when my father quipped back, “for what reason or purpose.   I am a very fair Judge…..he responded. Too fair,    we need more revenue !
                 And while my father may have been a part of that system, he was during what I call the transition period where this was incrementally brought upon us.   He had near complete authority to dispense justice as he saw fit during his years.    Now, legislators are siding with that Mr. Huckster Mayor types and passing mandatory minimums on crimes that can have a completely wide array of complicity or harm, and lack there of.       The 3 strikes law is a good example. Law is not baseball. That was really clever for the courts and the prison industrial complex, but is all based upon 14th Amendment unlawful adhesion contracts – D.M.V. , I.R.S., Social Security (although I call complete FRAUD and as such duress to anyone who is trapped in it as they were lied to as I was as a young man while being told that the money being withdrawn from my paycheck was to pay an Insurance Policy for if i was injured or for when I became old, and unable to work.    I thought …. cool.    I don’t even have to find a company and deal with it….. silly silly and extremely spoiled lazy me.   But this is exactly how they prefer us to be. Shut up, take your worthless paper, consume as many goods from China as you can so that the politicos can continue to sell our value and worth out to the Chinese via Birth Certificate Debt Notes otherwise known as FEDERAL (not Federal) RESERVE (not a Reserve) Communist Criminal Central banking System.


EXHIBIT D – 4 (continued from above EXHIBITS E & F). Blacks Law Dictionary 5th edition Page 306 – “CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP” – Corporate status in the state of incorporation, through a foreign corporation is NOT a citizen for purposes of the “privilege and immunities” clause.

U.S. Constitution Article 4, Section 2 “ORIGINAL CONSTITUTIONAL CITIZEN is NOT a corporation   – BANK OF AUGUSTA V. EARLE 38 U.S. (13 PET. ) 510, 10 L.ED 274

EXHIBIT D – 5 Blacks Law Dictionary 5th edition Pg 104 – Artificial Persons – Persons created and devised by human laws for the purpose of society and government, as distinguished from “natural persons” – CORPORATIONS are examples of “artificial persons”

NOTE: this point, made very clear, shows that the Supreme Law of the Land, regardless of a “reconstructed” corporate model or experiment, regardless of valid or naught, is rendered NULL when held to the Organic Constitution and the Bill of Rights. As the rights therein are shown to be granted by the Creator, and inalienable.

 The regulations of the Commercial Code


Which I therefore assert that any and all regulations, commercial or otherwise that regulate, cause to bear license of, or replace RIGHTS with PRIVILEGES that are defined as such under the Supreme Law must be met with absolute resistance as it is OUR DUTY to do so.


The 14th Amendment was NOT properly ratified. Congress knows this to be fact and for absolute truth. Every member of Congress received a copy on November 26, 2008 C.R.S. or (Congressional Research Service Report) – Order Code 98-611 GOV prepared for members and committees of Congress,
Page 5 of exhibit H (C.R.S. REPORT) which is C.R.S. – 2 top paragraph, makes it clear that Executive Order #6 or PRESIDENTIAL PROCLAMATION #11 so ORDERED the 14th Amendment Ratified.
EXECUTIVE ORDER #7 or PRESIDENTIAL PROCLAMATION #13 – ORDERED the 14th Amendment lawful and published

Both EXECUTIVE ORDERS 6 and 7 NEVER had the signature of the President.
THE signature on these are of the Secretary of State William Seward, the other individual allegedly attacked and marked with assassination the evening the President, Abraham Lincoln was slain.     Allegedly.   Attacked in his bed, an older man attacked by a young man who had taken him by surprise and somehow he managed to live through it.           Too Bad. If he had died, Johnson might have pulled an Andrew Jackson, and we would have a sissy President changing Andrew Jackson’s 50 Federal Reserve Note. Personally I don’t mind because him being on it was more ….. far more if you really know who he was,  far more of an insult for him to be on these debt notes.

And while the idiot and Chief thinks he is stinging the Privileged patriarchy, what he is really doing, is placing an honorable woman, Harriet Tubman, on a worthless Communist Central Banking Debt note symbolic of Indentured Servitude. She would likely have beat Barack upside his head.    This is one event that I truly must thank him to finally liberate Andrew Jackson. He killed the banks in his time and staved them off. They tried to assassinate him too. He was tough as Iron, and feared nothing.    Why can we not have a President such as that today. Well one can dream…… 

These two fake executive orders are booked and paged as Presidential proclamations. As the CRS report makes clear.
Proclamation #12 admitting the states under a newly established legislative bodies replaced the Constitutionally elected one.
The states were blackmailed into ratifying the said 14th Amendment or be denied representation in Congress and remain under marshal law.

Keep in mind the seated president at that time Andrew Johnson was against the 14th
Amendment claiming it created a Unconstitutional de facto government as he pointed out in
his veto address,

EXHIBIT D – 6 – Defacto government Blacks Law dictionary 5th Ed. Page 375. “one that displays itself by a force against the will of the rightful legal government and is successful at least temporarily in overturning the institutions of the rightful legal government and setting up it’s own in lieu thereof. Wortham v. Walker 133 Tex. 255, 128 S.W.2d 1138,1145.


1) The joint resolution proposing said 14th Amendment was not submitted to or adopted by a Constitutional Congress. Article 1 section 3 and Article 5 of the U.S. Constitution
2) The joint resolution was not submitted to the President for his approval. Article 1 section 7.
3) The proposed 14th Amendment was rejected by more than one-fourth of all the States then in the union, and it was never ratified by three-fourths of all the States in the Union. Article 5.


The U.S. Constitution provides:
Article 1 Section 3. “The Senate shall be composed of two Senators from each state”.
Article 5 provides: “No State without it’s consent, shall be deprived of it’s equal suffrage in the Senate”.
The fact that 23 Senators from northern and southern states were unlawfully excluded from the U.S. Senate, in order to secure a two-thirds vote for adoption the 14th Amendment, means that we have been lied to and fooled for LONG ENOUGH !

ESCORTED OUT BY UNION SOLDIERS,  LOCKED AND LOADED  & at GUNPOINT I urge you to compare this to today…what if that happened today ?

This one circumstance makes the entire affair so blatantly illegal and or unlawful that it boggles the mind it was able to have been accomplished without bringing us to a state of war all over again.
And the argument that it was, that the Southern States were somehow all of a sudden unlawful, even though the President had accepted all 11 States back into the Union, and therefore they had the      legitimate right to be there, My own state,       the state of NJ, also being denied their due suffrage of the united States Senate after learning the true purpose of the 14th Amendment, withdrew our states ratifying vote. He, Senator John Stockton, went back and stated so on the floor of the Capitol in Trenton.  It would have possibly made for the legitimate argument years down the line, but after so much was forgotten, hidden, and re-written, such as President Johnson clearly stating that the seceded states were all…





On June 13,1967, A WELL ANNOTATED LAW DRIVEN BRIEF ON THE UNCONSTITUTIONALITY OF THE 14th AMENDMENT and how its an act of treason against our Constitution and how it over threw our Constitution,

prepared by :

Judge Leander H. Perez,

                           Supreme Court Justice of Louisiana,  and was memorialized on the House floor.

Memorization page number 15641- 15646 of this LAW DRIVEN Congressional Record, thus, showing how several Unconstitutional acts were done in-order to claim the said 2/3 votes needed for ratification, including 23 senators from northern and southern states were also unlawfully excluded from the US Senate in order to secure this 2/3 vote. All this also included replacing 10 lawful state governments

for rejecting the 14th Amendment as Unconstitutional,

for the loss of state rights, and how the federal courts will not hear an argument on the invalidity of the 14th Amendment.

EXHIBIT – L – The November 14, 1866 Florida House Journals 2d. Sess, 14th, Gen, Ass. makes clear BEFORE Reconstruction Blacks were equal with whites in every area. It’s a shame after Reconstruction and the 14th Amendment it took Black folks 96 years to to once again achieve this level of equality.     That’s right folks. No one told you about the Black freemen or why and how they were free when everyone is propagandized to beLIEve that all Black men did not have equal standing nor were they given or more accurately seized their freedom by excellence.    Tell that to him……. tell that to James Armistead Lafayette.  Black Founding Father.

James Armistead Lafayette (December 10, 1760 – August 9, 1830) was an African American slave who served the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War as a double agent. He served under the Marquis de Lafayette, reporting on the activities first of Benedict Arnold – after he had gone over to the British – and then Lord Cornwallis during the run-up to the Battle of Yorktown. He also fed false information to them.

An African-American slave,  Armistead was owned by William Armistead of Virginia. Most sources indicate that James Armistead was born in 1748 in New Kent County, Virginia, while other sources put his birth around 1760 in Elizabeth City, Virginia. But this man was no normal fella. He was extremely intelligent, cunning, and knew how to seriously play the spy game.

Armistead volunteered in 1781 to join the army under Lafayette, after receiving consent from his  “owner”, and he was utilized him as a spy.  Posing as a runaway slave, he joined the camp of Brigadier General Benedict Arnold, the turncoat who was leading some British forces in the area. Pretending to be a spy for the British, Armistead gained Arnold’s confidence to the extent that Arnold used him to guide British troops through local roads. “The ex-slave, (even though this was LONG before the Civil War), he who later renamed himself James Armistead Lafayette in the general’s honor, served as a double agent against the British under the avowedly antislavery Lafayette.

After Arnold departed north in the spring of 1781, James went to the camp of Lord Charles Cornwallis and repeated his successful pose there. He moved frequently between British camps, where the officers would speak openly about their strategies in front of him. Armistead documented this information in written reports, which he then delivered to other American spies. In this way he relayed much information about the British plans for troop deployment and about their arms. The intelligence reports from his espionage were instrumental in helping to defeat the British during the Battle of Yorktown.

Lafayette’s return

In 1824, the Marquis de Lafayette returned to the United States at the invitation of President James Monroe, and made a tour of all 24 states, in which he was met by huge crowds and everywhere feted as a hero. While in Virigina, where he visited Washington’s grave and gave a speech to the House of Delegates, he abruptly had his carriage stop when he saw Armistead in the crowd, and rushed to embrace him. At around this time he also wrote a testimonial on Armistead’s behalf.[2]

Facsimile of Marquis de Lafayette‘s certificate of commendation of James Armistead Lafayette, 1784


Although Virginia passed a manumission act in 1782 allowing for the freedom of any slave by his or her owner, James Armistead remained the property of William Armistead, because a 1783 law targeted specifically at freeing slaves whose owners had used them as substitutes for army service in exchange for their liberty,  did not apply to him, because he was a spy, not a soldier. However, in 1786, with the support of William Armistead – then a member of the House of Delegates – and carrying a 1784 testimonial of his service from the Marquis de Lafayette, James petitioned the Virginia Assembly for his freedom. On January 9, 1787, the Assembly granted the petition. At that time he chose to add “Lafayette” to his name, to honor the general.

Armistead continued to live in New Kent County with his new wife, one son and several other children. He became a rich farmer and at one point owned three slaves.    By 1818 he applied to the state legislature for financial aid. He was granted $60 for present relief and a $40 annual pension for his services in the Revolutionary War.

Armistead died on August 9, 1830 in Baltimore, Maryland. May God bless him … and many thanks from us. 


The 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution that abolished slavery was proposed by Joint Resolution of Congress, (13 Statutes at Large, p. 567) and was approved February 1, 1865 by President Abraham Lincoln, as required by Article I, Section 7 of the United States Constitution. The President’s signature is affixed to the Resolution. The 13th Amendment was ratified by 27 states of he then thirty-six (36) states of the Union, including the Southern States of Virginia, Louisiana, Arkansas, South Carolina, Alabama, North Carolina, and Georgia. This is shown by the Proclamation of the Secretary of State December 18, 1865. (13 Statutes at Large, p. 774.) Without the votes of these seven (7) Southern State Legislatures the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery would have failed. The ratification by these seven (7) Southern States of the 13th Amendment again established the fact that their Legislatures and State governments were duly and lawfully constituted and functioning as such under their States Constitutions a year and half before Reconstruction. As stated previously.

EXHIBIT – M – The US Supreme court in COLEMAN v- MILLER 307 US433 (1939) makes clear, that not only were the LAWFUL state governments replaced with new ones for rejecting and not ratifying the 14th Amendment the supreme court never decided on the Constitutionally of the 14th Amendment saying it was political question and never addressed the merits of the 14th Amendment being Constitutional or not.
439 P2d 266, 267
Also see 267; STATE V. PHILLIPS (1975)
540 P 2d 936; as well as 28 Tulane Law Review, 22; 11 South Carolina Law Quarterly 484;

The Utah Supreme Court in DYETT V. TURNER stated that the “LAWFUL SOLUTION” is public awareness followed by a Constitutional Convention
Per Article 5 to do a investigation on the 14th Amendment being Un-Constitutional. This method is fraught with danger as they are not enforcing the Law of the Land now and if given the opportunity to alter it, I fear it could be a disaster. Follow the Organic Constitution, anything after Article 13 is NULL, so we either demand our rights based upon International Treaty ( I’m not as fond of that for obvious reasons) but the Supremacy Clause states what it does which makes treaties signed part of the Supreme Law of the Land. So let us use the laws against them. You have got to know they are not following them perfectly. From all sides and angles we should challenge the jurisdiction until we find purchase.

A message to Patriots and Keepers of the Constitutional Oath :

To the Sons And Daughters of Liberty, for you and our fellow countrymen, we pledge our lives, our fortunes, our sacred honor, and we do also hereby provide a lawful argument against the jurisdictional usurpation by the federal government, which to prove, we believe, is well beyond a reasonable doubt, that concludes that the jurisdiction the federal government has, is a fraction of that of which it was intended, and in fact by means of deception as a result of a treasonous conspiracy, it has been “TAKEN”, by means of slow and gradual methodical and systematically programmed criminal, and treasonous progressive usurpation. It has been a long and exhausting journey of research and evidence gathering.  While we may come under fire or be criticized as to our intentions, it is only TRUTH we seek NOT to undermine rights, but to once and for all attempt to shed light on this co-opting of legislation that exists to do one thing, but sold to the people as another. It literally made all 14th Amendment citizens responsible for a debt that we have on our heads to this day and has empowered the federal government in huge ways. We seek TRUTH – JUSTICE & PEACE !


—  A FACETIOUS QUESTION 1 ,  THAT WE ALL KNOW THE ANSWER TO – Is it not Unconstitutional to replace state governments the voters elected with new one’s for not voting a certain way?
—  FACETIOUS QUESTION 2 – Is it not Unconstitutional for 23 senators from northern and southern states to be unlawfully excluded from the US Senate in order to secure this 2/3 vote?
Does it not violate the SUPREMACY CLAUSE of The U.S. Constitution which holds the Constitution to be the SUPREME LAW ?

Many Americans know…….check out the brilliant young lady below…..she is an inspiration to us all. God bless her….. we will be releasing an episode video of our show responding to a talk show host who went and got a lawyer friend to bash her…… but after we ran the video responding to their claims, it was found that all they had was name calling and a few modern articles that have NOTHING to do with factual history, research, or much more than…… because we are told so.              Always good to laugh when someone tells you, “well because the government said so”, it has to be the truth……right ?




(I do NOT speak for any organization.   Bruce and I speak for ourselves…..not for ANY of the organizations that we are members of or vocally support)




Although we are often hilariously attacked and accused of it for telling the TRUTH – God forbid ….


You want to know who is controlling things? Just look no further to whom you can not criticize….

Any irrational unprovoked, attack upon any other human being is patently unacceptable and only those who lack humanity empathy and morality would ever harm someone based on a style which is how I see skin……like clothes for us animals !      Now….. if any specific culture makes it a habit of engaging in behavior that is counterproductive toward another, takes advantage of another, manipulates lies and attempts to seize power and control from a country who is kind enough to allow them safe passage? All bets are off on those parasites. Don’t BE a parasite, and one should not ever have to fear being treated as such. It really is not that hard. 

LIFE, LIBERTY, & the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS – to SECURE THESE RIGHTS – Governments are instituted by men, and that is the ONLY legitimate PURPOSE. But when telling truth can have the effect of causing labels and smears to be thrown around to stifle the sharing of truth, you have the effect of Cultural Marxism where “Political Correctness” was derived. If you find yourself catering to political correctness…. keep in mind, you are allowing yourself to be manipulated into participating in Marxist tendencies. This is how much it needs to be openly resisted.

THE 14th AMENDMENT’S EXCUSE WAS TO END SLAVERY – AND THE CIVIL WAR ABOUT FREEING THEM – THIS WAS A TOTAL LIE – TOTALLY a LIE that harms Black Americans more than even the violence among their own in their own neighborhoods, and that is far worse violence than any other race puts upon them. Some strong Black men have the guts and courage to tell it like it is. I wish to see everyone live, find love, happiness…. I could care less what ISMS or divisions more gangster bankster tools like Karl Marx or the Frankfurt School  have put upon us, if we do not….


We will be doomed if all of us do not REJECT it in all its forms.


Racism in and of itself is a social construct created in the minds of Frankfurters…..that’s my term for the Frankfurt School Marxists.   It takes what has been naturally occurring responses (fear of unknown) or fight or flight, and now they are calling this “MICRO-AGGRESSIONS” as if this scientifically recognized response is somehow indicative of bigotry. Real people reject this. My black buddy I was telling i was robbed by 2 young black males and struck with a baseball bat in the lower back and it has literally nearly crippled me……you know what he said?     F-in NiGG$%Rs !      No i do not use that word.

I said, hey man, that’s racist talk….as we both laughed, and why?       Because we were being real with one another. He knows I love and care about him. He is an extremely good friend and we grew up together.  He also sees my passion in really wanting to set the minds of young black men free with TRUTH even though a few bad apples caused me all of this pain. It was not their skin that attacked me. It was their upbringing and their irresponsible parental upbringing or likely lack there of…. as well responsible is the government which has at every step undermined the entire Black community with CIA Crack dealing, and the welfare requirement that anyone on assistance with children can not have the father living with them. What absolute rocket scientist came up with that abortion of an idea, which by the way

 ROE v. WADE ?    ——> 14th Amendment case.




sound familiar……who does it bring to mind?


14th Amendment driven Equality via FRAUD that creates second class CITIZENS out of everyone, while Black America believes slavery is over and now it is followed by some sort of oppression, the real oppression is the Progressive Communist / Marxist education and Neo-Conservative Trotsky-ite Warmongers that seem to be prevalent in America …..who dares tell them the truth as Prince did during an interview ?  Well us of course, but Prince nailed it. he could have really bent the mans brain. I wish he had. It would have given us more material to awaken the masses with.

He stated,      we are now indentured servants. And ….we are exactly that.

The interviewer challenged him on this saying……but we have a Black President. The Black TV Interviewer had absolutely NO CAPACITY to comprehend the depth of what Prince was saying. He was referring to 14th Amendment Citizenship Indentured Servitude…..which has via the Birth Certificate, the value thereof upon and backing the Federal Reserve Notes that are not even real money as they back it up with real property in these united States selling it out to the Communist Chinese while not one politician is hung for treason…….. but I digress,  the following is what Prince had to say about 14th Amendment Citizenship….

“When I found out there was like 6 Presidents before George Washington, I wanted to seriously smack somebody.     Just tell me the truth, ill fill in the blanks for myself”.  Don’t sugarcoat it. Tell me the     TRUTH !!!!!


“Know the TRUTH, and it will set you free” !


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Minus Commentary…..

 The Reconstruction Replacement Government Research Documentation 



This is a short explanation on exactly what I mean when I say

14th Amendment Debt Slave or Indentured Servant

Go to:…

Search for form 56.

Form 56 is a “Notice Concerning Fiduciary Relationship” the first line asks for:

Name of person for whom you are acting (as shown on tax return).

Form 56 is a pdf, so scroll down to the bottom, to the “Definitions” section:

Person. A person is any individual, trust, estate, partnership, association, company, or corporation.

(The definition of person and citizen were first officially altered by the Congress of the United States in 1866 while under defacto Martial Powers. They, two years prior to the 14th Amendment (knowing it was coming, and preparing a sneaky sentence in the Amendment that most Americans would take a very long time to learn the significance and absolute greedy evil of its purpose which has empowered large multinational corporations and banksters, who used the 14th Amendment far more than any African American did during the days it was implemented supposedly to create equality which it never did.


The Common Law rights and freedoms of Life, Liberty and Property, as enshrined by the Magna Carta of 1215 still remain intact for the natural-person (human being), John Doe.

The artificial-person/corporation JOHN DOE only has rights as provided by its creator, the Government.

John Doe remains free in the Common Law world.

JOHN DOE is a slave in the Statute Law world.

A new web-site has been created to assist with your understanding of your fundamental rights, click here to visit this new site by Steve…… a truly awesome Canadian, and his content is excellent.

(I do not share many other people’s content on this site…..I recommend everyone check “Steve” out.)

The correct spelling for this Great Charter is Magna Charta, but the pronunciation is like “carta” (the H is silent). If you use the incorrect spelling, you will not be referring to the correct document. Here is the definition, and spelling, from Black’s Law Dictionary 4th edition:

Magna Charta. The great charter.
The name of a charter (or constitutional enactment) granted by King John of England to the barons, at Runnymede, on June 15, 1215, and afterwards, with some alterations, confirmed in parliament by Henry III, and Edward I. This charter is justly regarded as the foundation of English and American Constitutional liberty. Among its thirty-eight chapters are found provisions for regulating the administration of justice, defining the temporal and ecclesiastical jurisdictions, securing the personal liberty of the subject and his rights of property, and the limits of taxation, and for preserving the liberties and privileges of the church. Magna Charta is so called, partly to distinguish if from the Charta de Foresta, which was granted about the same time, and partly by reasons of its own transcendent importance.

The International Covenant on Civil & Political Rights:

Here is an educational video about the ICCPR, from eternally aware.

Article VI – Clause 2

This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the Constitution or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.

Without Prejudice?

Ever wondered what these words mean? Here is an idea, quoted from a document prepared by Lynne Meredith:

Protecting your Rights by Signing Documents

by Lynne Meredith

It is a maxim of American law that any statute contrary to the Constitution, which is the Supreme Law of the Land, is null and void and no Citizen is bound to obey an unconstitutional law.

“An unconstitutional statute, though having the form of law, is in reality, no law and imposes no duties, confers no rights, creates no office, bestows no power on anyone and justifies no actions performed under it…” (late Am Jur 2d Sec. 256).

It is also a maxim of the Common Law that no Sovereign American of one of the 50 Republic states can be compelled in any action against his or her will. The 50 Republic states currently have an admitted [Territorial] “Government defacto,” which Black’s 2nd Law Dictionary defines as, “a government not established according to the Constitution … a government deemed unlawful, deemed wrongful or unjust, which nevertheless receives habitual obedience from the bulk of the community.”

When the “Citizen” educated in the constitutional, lawful and just (de-jure) American law decides he or she no longer wishes to join the herd of habitually obedient (enslaved) sheeple being led to slaughter by blind and unquestioned obedience to unconstitutional, unjust, and unlawful laws, he or she is sometimes faced with defacto employees and foreign agents, uneducated in law, oblivious to our Constitution and drunk with a false sense of power. Faced with guns, handcuffs and a potential night in jail while the law is debated, such a “Citizen” can be put in a position of “compromise” in order to “buy their peace.” There is a remedy and recourse, out of “defacto” statutes and back to “de-jure constitutional law.”

Typically all it takes to “buy your peace” with the defacto government agent or official is a signature. In their mind, you have consented to waive your rights. However, if you write the words, “Without Prejudice” above your signature, you are declaring that you are not waiving any of your rights under the Constitution or Common Law and any document containing the words “Without Prejudice” cannot be used as evidence against you, in Court or otherwise.

“Where an offer or admission is made “without prejudice,”… it is meant as a declaration that no rights or privileges of the party concerned are to be considered as thereby waived or lost…” Black’s Law Dictionary.

The following information comes from Bouvier’s 1914 Law Encyclopedia, under “Compromise.”

“It must be permitted of men to buy their peace without prejudice to them. It has been held that one may buy his peace by compromising a claim which he knows is without right (Daily v. King 70 Mich. 568, 44 N.W. 959) but the compromise of an illegal claim will not sustain a promise.” Read v. Hitching. 71 ME 590.

Documents Signed “Without Prejudice” are Not Admissible as Evidence “It may, however, be considered settled that letters or admissions containing the expression in substance that they are to be ‘without prejudice’ will not be admitted in evidence…an arrangement stating the letter was without prejudice was held to be inadmissible as evidence … not only will the letter bearing the words, “without prejudice” but also the answer thereto, which was not so guarded, was inadmissible …”. Ferry v. Taylor 33 Mo. 323, Durgin v. Somers, 117 Mass 55, Molyneaux v. Collier 13 Ga. 406.

“When correspondence had commenced “without prejudice” but afterwards those words were dropped, it was immaterial; 6 Ont 719.

When you do not want to be “presumed” to be waiving rights or acquiescing to defacto statutes, you should sign all documents, “without prejudice,” above your signature. These documents cannot then be used as prima facie evidence against you. However if you are making claims that you may want to use as potential evidence in your favor, do not sign “without prejudice.”

“Whereas it is essential, if man is not to be compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be protected by the rule of law,”
(Preamble – Universal Declaration of Human Rights)

An individual by legal definition is a natural person, while something like a trust is an artificial person. The registration of your birth with the State, your Birth Certificate, and your social security number represent a trust which is an artificial person.

The Federal Reserve has a lien held on that trust because you are being held as collateral for the National Debt that the bankers created.

After slavery was abolished (by the second thirteenth amendment, not the fourteenth, after Rothschild sent his army into Washington D.C. in 1812, thus burning down the National Archives, Library of Congress, and the White House, as the ORIGINAL 13th, made foreign association grounds to lose ones citizenship, as well they would NOT be able to hold any office of public trust. It would have prevented the takeover of the legal system by the British BAR Association that later would create an American chapter. (How nice of them huh?) So….. the “freed” slaves were placed under the jurisdiction of the Federal Government by the Fourteenth Amendment Section 1:


Amendment 14 “Citizenship Rights”
Ratified 07-09-1868

1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Black’s Law Dictionary, Third Pocket Edition defines a ‘Privilege’ as the following:

privilege. 1. A special legal right, exemption, or immunity GRANTED to a person or class of persons; an exception to a duty

legal,adj.1. Of or relating to Law; falling within the province of Law. 2. Established, required, or permitted by Law; LAWFUL. 3. Of or relating to Law as opposed to equity.

grant,verb. 1. To give or confer (something), with or without compensation. 2. To formally transfer (real property) by deed or other writing. 3. To give permit or agree to. 4. Toapprove, warrant, or order (a request, motion, etc).

As you can see, by the Fourteenth Amendment you are U.S Citizen who falls under thejurisdiction of the Federal Government; and the Federal Government grants you your so-called “unalienable rights.”

Remember that the Contract makes the Law, and we have the unlimited right to contract, even if we have no knowledge of making a contract.

The Declaration of Independence states clearly:


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the CONSENT of the governed, —

endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights


en·dow (n-dou)
tr.v. en·dowed, en·dow·ing, en·dows
1. To provide with property, income, or a source of income.
a. To equip or supply with a talent or quality: Nature endowed you with a beautiful singing voice.
b. To imagine as having a usually favorable trait or quality: endowed the family pet with human intelligence.

Jurisdiction is a HUGE part of Law. If your Creator (whomever that may be) endowed you with “unalienable rights” what mortal, or mortal institution, has the Lawful authority to strip you of those rights? Like, if you have the “Right to Bear Arms” why do you have to ask the State for permission to exercise that right by obtaining a permit?

The philosophical idea of a “Creator” is the idea of an “Absolute, Highest-Authority.” That authority “endowed” YOU with unalienable rights, so why are you asking the State for permission to exercise them?

It is because you are less-than human. Or at least something pertaining to you is.

Remember that slaves were considered to be animals and “less-than-human.” Even after slaves were freed, when two “freed slaves” got married it was considered “animal husbandry.” The newly freed slaves DID NOT have the same citizenship status as everyone else, the thirteenth amendment freed them and the fourteenth amendment charted out their citizenship status.

That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the CONSENT of the governed

Notice the word consent. TO consent means to make a contract.

And the contract makes the Law.

You have willingly (yet unknowingly) diminished your own political status by contracting with the State and placing yourself under Fourteenth Amendment jurisdiction.

If you have a Birth Certificate you are contracted with the State.

If you have a Driver’s License you are contracted with the State.

If you are a registered Voter you are contracted with the State.

If you have a gun permit you are contracted with the State.

If you have a Marriage License you are contracted with the State.

The idea of Capitis deminutio and having a “straw-man” is merely a symptom of …. the Fourteenth Amendment of course.

You do not have a “right” to do something if you have to ask for permission, you have a privilege.

Stop asking for PERMISSION and just do it!

Just as long as you act in HONOR, and govern thyself accordingly to the Supreme Law of the Land, and you cause no intentional harm or injury to your fellow man/woman. If you are able to self-govern, then you are prepared to set yourself free.      But I give strong warning….. if you “think” you can be free and it be easy or free of effort, work, perseverance and now an all out attack by those who have long thrown away their care for the truth and have embraced ideologies that at their core must embrace falsehoods, and after the group think is set in……they have little idea that they are puppet phrases and ideas that were intended to destroy America, and the culture that built it.      Cultural Marxism  is here and is the driving enemy of all things sacred and moral. Morality itself is becoming a bad word to most. We must continue this fight. There is a mass awakening happening…….and we must try with all we are to overcome ……    

  Give me Liberty – Or Give me Death !!!!



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