The Federal Government’s “Conspiracy Theory” against the Bundy’s Hammonds and the Militia Movement

A well organized Militia, (which can not be without being first and foremost armed) being necessary for the security of a free state (free from the tyrannical abuse of the government which was considered a necessary evil bound by the chains of the Constitution) the right of the People to keep and bear arms, shall BOT BE INFRINGED (In other words the government is unable, not authorized, disallowed to, and prohibited to create and or pass ANY AND ALL LEGISLATION, that would hinder the ability for any free man or woman to so create, join, coordinate, or in any way organize said militias, and thus the right to keep and to bear come BEFORE ANY SUCH MILITIA BE BORN)….. Let us be clear….. Any and all government sponsored, passed, promulgated, or considered act to infringe upon this right, is has and has been an act of treason, treachery, and no such act, law, executive order or Martial Law move, can be in any way lawful into the American Republic as it has been proven that many of the legislators and trusted representatives have already moved to and have openly discussed going against this protection / restriction upon them. So no future move to alter, deface, or in any way add to or remove the 2nd Amendment will be tolerated. Period.    I hope “Shall Not Be” is clear enough.

The verdict is in – and it is NOT GUILTY on all counts.
I was on location at what Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, LaVoy Finicum, and supporters called the Harney County Resource Center.

It was I, who designed the sign that was placed upon the spot of the “at least then temporary” Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

Harney County Resource Center Sign, designed by Thomas Lacovara-Stewart, commisioned and approved by Ryan Bundy, LaVoy Finicum, and Ammon Bundy

Harney County Resource Center Sign, designed by Thomas Lacovara-Stewart, commisioned and approved by Ryan Bundy, LaVoy Finicum, and Ammon Bundy

I met with Ammon and Ryan personally and showed them the first draft, which was slightly altered before going to the sign maker. I designed it on the same device I am using to write this article. And I am proud of it.

I am also the individual who discovered the Native American artifacts being stored disrespectfully in a dark filthy rodent infested basement next to an old hot water heater on its last leg. You can watch myself, LaVoy Finicum, David Fry, Blaine Cooper (filming) reveal our findings while pleading with the Paiutes who we found out we’re bought off tribal representatives who subscribe to liberal Marxist propagandized agenda tactics, rather than caring in reality for their cultural heritage.


What I gained by covering the stand off was faith. Faith in God, my fellow man, and in those who the government called “the leadership” of the stand off (so called). While I was there primarily to act as a media entity, I can not, will not, and never have tried to claim that I was not partial to the Bundy’s case against Federal encroachment and usurpation. In fact, my research shows, and in fact proves, that the jurisdiction that they operate under is unlawful.

The Bundys and the rest of the group have been called “anti-government” by many main stream media outlets and politicians. The problem with that is the lack of comprehension as to who and what a “Constitutionalist” is. To call someone who stands for the Constitution “anti-government” is like calling cattle “anti-grass” or most politicians “anti-deceptive”. We The People “are” the government. And I am no “self hater”. That being said, the case the government had on the group “Conspiracy to Impede” was just what they like to call us “Constitutionalists” – Conspiracy Theorists. It is rather a sweet victory to feed back upon them, after a jury heard all they had to offer, the same term they always mislabel all of us with, only this time more accurately calling them what millions of dollars of taxpayers resources spent on the attempt to justify their protection of several rogue agencies exactly what it was – a “Conspiracy Theory” that went BUST, before their eyes. Ammon asked that I bring with me my research into the jurisdiction that was revoked by the Oregon House in 1868. I did so. I passed it out to as many media entities as possible, including but not limited to FOX News. And they kept it silent. I 1868 the Oregon House of Representatives decried this “14th Amendment Reconstruction” usurpation and fraud, as they discovered that it was not as it was proposed to “set anyone free”, but in fact it was intended to do exactly what it has, enslave the American people in “debt enslavement”, and attempt to make it unquestionable, only then to turn control of it over later to the Federal Reserve International Banking Private Criminal Banking Cartel Karl Marx said was necessary for the establishment of a Communist nation.

The Federal Government as well as main stream media pundits have embraced many Marxist values and certainly the terminology that was re-invented by Marxists of the Frankfurt School which infected America after the threat of WW2 caused the Frankfurt School of Social Justice and Marxist Studies to flee. Unfortunately they fled to New York’s Columbia University. This is where this subversion of the American Culture and the American Republics United should have ended and been recognized for what it was – a foreign ideology hell bent to destroy all of Western Civilization which saw the most advancement of any of the recorded times of human history. No one can name any other culture, or civilization which has accomplished more in the timeframe it has. Yet we are infected with the threat upon free speech, and free thinking. American universities have all but been high jacked with the new form of Marxist ideology. One divorced from mere economics and “workers of the world” style struggle, but those of the Frankfurt School variety – or “Neo-Marxists” which took Karl’s failed vision and re-invented it, marrying it to culture, and minority groups and movements. Some of these movements are based on little more than the enabling of mental illnesses, or alternative lifestyles that while some have always existed, they did so in quiet as they were usually morally depraved, or so out of the so called “norm” that they themselves caused their own existence to be often shunned from the main stream. Of course this will be blamed on the ever so Conspiratorially evil “Patriarchy”.

Oregon and the stand off that the Bundy Family saw themselves involved in, was and is very much a stand against these subversive un-American and un-Constitutional, even I can say an anti-Constitutional modus operandi, which threatens the very identity of the American culture that the Framers of this Republic or amalgamation of Republics sought to provide.

In other words, the concept that the government tried to prosecute, was “Conspiracy to Impede Officers of the United States – yada yada yada….. And all they were able to come up with by failing to recognize the entire purpose, as well as legitimacy of the People being masters of their own destiny and being able to withdraw their consent when the government became oppressive and destructive to the very essence of why the people created it, they by failing to recognize their place as servants, came up with a huge “Conspiracy Theory” of their own. And the jurors, thank God who saw through all of the Federal governments control and subversive tactics to persuade, limit, withhold, and tamper with said jury, recognized this as what it was – the “Conspiracy Theory” that was a joke, but which also saw a good man murdered.

We all were praying long and hard for this verdict. We knew in our hearts that this was a righteous stand. The Federal Government’s over reach, and blatant misuse of force continued even after the verdict was in as NOT GUILTY. Without the court having the jurisdiction to do what the attorney asked, to then be ignored by US Marshalls who were told to step back, only shows just how far gone we have allowed them to go. It is time they be reminded who the boss is.

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We at RTR TRUTH MEDIA exist and work very hard every day to expose the corruption in government and in the corporations behind, under and over them. We have revealed and exposed the fact that in 1868, the Republic as we knew it was usurped by the Corporate Person-hood created by the unlawful armed coercion of 11 States delegates being forced out of the ratification process of the 14th Amendment and Reconstruction. This enslaved us all and used Black Americans, as if slavery was not bad enough on everyone affected, we were all pitted against each other under the guise of freedom, which never was to be, replacing rights with "PRIVILEGES" . How about we end slavery once and for all ?

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