The Red Amendment (14th UnConstitutional Amendment with Thomas Maddux ~ RTR Hosts Endorse as Historically Factual & Accurate

We have made clear for since the beginning of our publication and the start of the Resurrect the Republic TRUTH Radio Broadcast our position in relation to our research of the so called Civil War and following the War regarding Constitutional usurpation and fraud by coercion and the threat of Martial Law.

Red Amendment Endorsed by hosts of RTR Truth Media

Red Amendment Endorsed by hosts of RTR Truth Media

Even North American Union States upon realizing that the 14th Amendment was not for the purpose of which it was being sold to the public, which was allegedly to make the former slaves free, was not true to what the People were being told. Many of these Northern States rescinded their ratification. We have documented facts in the form of the State records from the floor of their legislatures here on the site, but what is amazing is that the “Red Amendment” is a thorough and complete account of the Communist Red Amendment.

You can find the Red Amendment HERE

This episode has Thomas Maddux digging into the work of L.B. Bork and his “Red Amendment”.

Thomas has been advocating the truth for a very long time……and as Judge Leander H. Perez said, Justice of the Louisiana Supreme Court, this message needs to be spread across the land to awaken the people as to the usurpation and fraud of which has enslaved them.


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We at RTR TRUTH MEDIA exist and work very hard every day to expose the corruption in government and in the corporations behind, under and over them. We have revealed and exposed the fact that in 1868, the Republic as we knew it was usurped by the Corporate Person-hood created by the unlawful armed coercion of 11 States delegates being forced out of the ratification process of the 14th Amendment and Reconstruction. This enslaved us all and used Black Americans, as if slavery was not bad enough on everyone affected, we were all pitted against each other under the guise of freedom, which never was to be, replacing rights with "PRIVILEGES" . How about we end slavery once and for all ?

  • Andrew Nielsen

    So, where is the real or actual 14th Amendment, and what can we do to re-establish the true functionality and continuity of the Constitution…

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