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Warning to all Patriotic Law Abiding Citizens –  TOTALITARIANISM ALERT

It brings me no joy to write this article. It brings me no sense of satisfaction. As I ride the train traveling around the United States, meeting with members and friends of the  Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer’s Association

and Oath Keepers such as myself, the same topic and as well it should be, continues to be the main issue. What is happening in Massachusetts and Connecticut,  Delaware, New Jersey and California……as well as other states, we are under an all out assault on the right of the people as opposed to the force of those in power. It has been proven….. time and time again, statistic after statistic and from the F.B.I.’s own site.


Groups in support of the ATT include :

Amnesty International and the American Bar ASSociation. No that was NOT a typo.                                                          The latter released a white paper arguing that the treaty would not affect Second Amendment rights.

NOTHING COULD BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH – AND THIS INCLUSION IS MORE THAN DISTURBING – This revelation only goes to support my assertion that the BAR is not only the tool by which we were completely infested with foreign agents before during and after the War Between The States, but our research that lends to the theory that the organization was then and is now an ENEMY of the people, and should be banned according to the ORGANIC 13th Amendment that made any foreign associations, tiles of honor or nobility in stark opposition to National Security. But most people are not aware that our ORIGINAL 13th Amendment was removed from the Constitution……

 And the enemy will tell you that this is a CONSPIRACY THEORY…but don’t you believe a word of that. We have PROVEN THIS beyond a reasonable doubt and have offered our proof to those that matter……they refused to review it……why? Review it and discredit us once and for all…….but they can’t. They know that the mainstream, the media, schools for decades upon decades, law schools and universities everywhere have been teaching the curriculum of those who won in taking us over…..the real death blow was in 1868.

 Please see : The 14th Amendment Is Un-Constitutional. This is PROOF and much of our research.

The day I heard about Kerry and this treaty…..I called it then, and I stand by my words today. If he were to sign it, it would be an act of complete and total TREASON. And of course as we all know he did sign it. He had absolutely NO authority to do so and neither does the President. Bruce Ray Riggs and myself, have been yelling from the rooftops to all that would listen, that our research has proven once and for all that the 14th Amendment was not intended for the reasons that were pushed. In fact, then President Johnson, declared so. President Johnson was no fan of slavery. And he was not overly enthusiastic as to taking the Southern side to the issues. But that war was PRIMARILY fought for CONTROL, and to obliterate states rights. It is in STARK opposition to the 10th Amendment, and it in FACT created a de-facto government. There is a Constitutional provision for altering the form of government…..and there is a process if it has been determined that the current form is destructive to the reason by which it was created. But ejecting 11 States because they refuse to ratify an amendment is NOT, never has been, nor ever will be one of them. And THAT is exactly what occurred……

The justification ? The succession of the southern states.      However, there is a HUGE HOLE in that theory that destroys it. My state, the state of NJ was one of those said states that did not ratify. I could destroy the 14th all day and this is not the article to do this. We have proof of this in the article I quoted above. So, if what we allege is in fact true, which we can PROVE so well that if we had our day in court we are CERTAIN the outcome if it were heard fairly. What does this mean? 

In 1868 by an act of ARMED AGGRESSION – THE CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC of the United States of America ENDED           Since that day……each day, one after another, they deliberately moved us away from the rule of law……but while doing so created a CORPORATE version……a “false version”, an ILLUSION of the Republic. It was if they pulled a “green screen” in front of the eyes of the people to give us the false sense that our republic still made it through all that bloodshed and all the pain and unnecessary suffering, as these strategists KNEW that all over the world at that time slavery was being ended by peaceful acts of legislation. So they made it an issue and went on a terror campaign throughout the south burning an image in the psyche of the people……

It was in fact an example of psychological warfare on a massive scale. Slavery could have been ended through legislation. There was no need for war. In fact, the south was NOT in any way the aggressor. They simply were defending their sovereignty and at the time they did …..the early days…..slavery was not an issue at all…..the UNION Army taking possession of Fort Sumter and gunpowder and provisions of defense …..NOW THAT….was a reason to feel threatened. And in fact it is the powder keg that Lincoln used to launch what was not simply un-Constitutional attack of the south, but if Lincoln had to face Nuremberg, he would have been executed for crimes against humanity. These are all facts that the people are not taught in public school……A.K.A. – Government Indoctrination Centers. As many dictators before, the way to subjugate and fool the masses is through the youth…..it only takes one or two generations……these jackals have had a century.     If you are still reading, there are several things in here that you have read that go against EVERYTHING you have ever been taught or told. This does NOT mean you are not intelligent, or that your parents were not smart. It means that the lies we have been told are so big that it will be difficult for you to accept.  This is and has always been intentional and perfectly to them, “by design”. For the very reason that nations seem always to be helpless against the tyrants that rise, is specifically because of the same reason…..the tyrants DO understand and STUDY history, and in fact are groomed by what is the modern day high priesthood, only not of a religion as was needed in days past…..with modern media and sensationalism, all they need now is sentiment and repetition. History is what they study, follow, and derive tactics from, and it is what they deny the people, and nowhere near enough people dig to learn what they have been denied.

                We want so badly, PEACE……and the thought of EVER having to stand brother against brother should let off warning bells. If we think a President can’t or won’t take us there, I urge everyone to look at the actions of Abraham Lincoln. He committed an act of treasonous war against the American people and today he is revered and the ugly parts hardly ever muttered let alone accurately critiqued. The white wash of history began near the very beginning of our country, and his-story, goes on. Will you allow yourselves to be brainwashed another minute?


                The United Nations Small Arms Disarmament Treaty is a threat to liberty, and should be regarded as such. It is an act of TREASON, and it should be seen as such. We must realize that the elected officials that claim to be representing us, have been, and are continuing to act as if we were enemy combatants. They incite rage and discourse and then use our rage and discourse as an example of potential concern over our potential involvement in domestic terrorism. They create the divide, the anger, and do so by offending us deeply, and these are our representatives? 

Wake Up America…….are we Americans, or are we sheep?


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We at RTR TRUTH MEDIA exist and work very hard every day to expose the corruption in government and in the corporations behind, under and over them. We have revealed and exposed the fact that in 1868, the Republic as we knew it was usurped by the Corporate Person-hood created by the unlawful armed coercion of 11 States delegates being forced out of the ratification process of the 14th Amendment and Reconstruction. This enslaved us all and used Black Americans, as if slavery was not bad enough on everyone affected, we were all pitted against each other under the guise of freedom, which never was to be, replacing rights with "PRIVILEGES" . How about we end slavery once and for all ?

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